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Festival 8 in its first year had lots of people showing their faith in what we are trying to achieve.  We had many skilled people give up their time for free in return for tickets and to be part of and help set up a new CO-CREATION event.  The festival is a not for profit [...]

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Be Happy!

A discussion about happiness. Interactive workshop where the participants engage with a range of thought activities and prompted discussion topics to teach each other how to be happy. It's not about being happy "at some point" or "hypothetically" - let's be happier today and now. Led by Anjali Wierny - well-being coach, laughter yoga leader, [...]

Traders Workshops

Lots of the delightful traders at Festival 8 will be offering workshops for you and your children to enjoy.  Many are FREE but some do have a small reasonable cost for materials.  A sample of what is on offer is listed below.  These are arranged with the individual traders so do wander round and have [...]


Aromatics: Smell is a powerful sense and aromas can affect our emotions and our memories, our wellbeing and even our destinies. This workshop is an introduction to the complexities of aromatherapy.  Aromatics can be found in nature in peels, bark, root, flowers and even leaves.  We will explore how the sense of smell contributes largely [...]