Taste Sensation Workshop

Emma from Herbs 4 Health and Wellbeing will be giving us yet another wonderful workshop - you lucky, lucky, lucky people ! Taste sensation: The sense of taste is used by herbalists to determine the strength of a herb and what effect it will have on the body.  In a society where our food is [...]

Crystal Healing Workshop

Marie, from Moonbird Holistics will be delivering a workshop introducing Crystal Healing.   Working with crystals is a non invasive way to help us relax and bring ourselves back into balance. These therapies can also help us to manage stress related issues like headaches, insomnia and many others. But sometimes it’s just nice to take [...]

Natural Facial Workshop

A Natural Facial uses a combination of massage techniques with the application of Natures storehouse – flower waters and carrier oils from trees, shrubs, flowers, fruits, nuts and seeds. These Natural ingredients are rich in vitamins and minerals which are vital for healthy skin. Many shop bought products include substances that are considered by some [...]

Tea Therapy and How to Change you Life in 7 Knights

    Tea Therapy Tea Therapy uses ancient principles in a modern context. It is a simple yet effective practice that when mastered can have enduring health benefits. Tea stimulates the senses with its smell, taste, warmth and appearance. When used as part of a ritual tea has the power to calm, motivate and inspire. [...]

Heaven on Earth: Temple Ritual for the Feet with Bayari

Festival 8 are so excited to welcome our good friend Bayari back to Cabourne, Bayari has a truly magical touch and honours the body and spirit throughout each stage of her work. Her treatments are beautiful, we highly recommend visiting Bayari in the Wellbeing Arena. You are invited to experience an ancient bathing ritual where [...]