With the expression of Ed Sheeran and the vocal styling of Florence Welch-meets-Christina Perri, Léoa is an alternative-pop singer/songwriter who uses wistful melodies and insightful lyrics to comment on her surroundings. Her unique perspective on herself and our society her brings the emotional journey of a young person to life, allowing her music to truly be an escape for those who are desperately seeking a way to deal with the world around them. Though American, Léoa was raised in the UK which made her fall in love with British artists like The Beatles who have largely shaped her songwriting and musical style. Now based in LA, this award-winning singer-songwriter is making waves, with buzz already forming anticipating her EP “her” slated to be released late this spring!


Find more about this beautiful, talented artist by visiting her website at www.thisisleoa.com, or by following her on Youtube.