Freedo Interactive Talk, Class & Workshop

We are so excited to be joined by Gary this year, he certainly is gifted in holding the space for people to immerse in whatever they wish to release and experiencing a shift. havig attended a workshop of his on Rainbow Blessings - another therapy Gary has developed through his years as a therapeutic [...]

Free Running with Team Reality

Team Reality Grimsby premier Parkour coaching team will be providing tuition for all ages at this year's festival 8. Parkour is now recognised as an official sport in the uk, also known as the art of movement, Free Runners use their bodies to interact with any terrain. running, jumping, climbing, rolling, vaulting and even [...]

Silverback Bushcraft

Hidden in the trees along the woodland walk you will find Kieran from Silverback Bushcraft. Most people have heard of rubbing two stick together to make a fire, but is it really that easy? Come and find out, Keiran Hargreaves from siverback bushcraft will be about all weekend demonstrating fire lighting techniques both modern [...]

Scrap Store Associates- Parade Making Workshops

These fun family workshops will get your being creative for the Festival 8 Gr8 Parade.  Funky  3d junk modelling ;  recycling materials to make costumes , headresses ,  musical props for parade   - as quirky as you like !

Photo Workshops and Competition

"HIP Gallery is offering Festival8 snappers the chance to exhibit in Hull's Princes Quay. They will be holding a photography competition for the best photos taken at the festival, and 12 will be chosen for the exhibition. Not only that, they will be holding photography workshops for children and adults on the weekend. So [...]