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Festival 8
is a celebration. A celebration of the senses. A coming together of like minded souls to share, connect and participate in many entertainments for the heart, body and soul. From beautiful sights to engaging sounds, from body tingling dance to tantalising tastes. Food for the mind, sustenance for the heart and inspiration of the spirit.

Every Year we have a theme.  This years them is FIRE and the colours are RED and YELLOW

Participation is the key that will open many of the delights of this festival…… from workshops to walkabouts, joining in will be part of the fun. We want people to really feel that this is their festival, one they can join in with and even influence with a Sunday Afternoon forum to meet with the organisers!

The fun begins on Friday 20th July 2018 and goes through until late Sunday 22nd July.   People often stay over till  Monday Morning.( We recommend you arrange to leave work early on the Friday and have Monday off work!)  *This year we have a Thursday ticket see HERE for info

This is a quality family festival providing boutique facilities and tent loads of entertainment. If it rains, no problem we will have it covered! There will be things to do for younger ones as well as plenty of entertainments for older children. For the big kids (adults) there will be a diverse line up of music, cabaret, art, talks, poetry, theatre and many other interactive entertainments including a giant maze!

Many of Friday and Saturdays workshops will be focused around creating decorations, instruments, costumes, learning dance moves and percussion rhythms, enabling you to become part of the GR8 Festival 8 parade.  The parade is a highlight of the weekend for many festival goers.  All the stages close for the hour that is it on and it is a chance to dress up and join in as it that winds its way around the festival site.  There is an amazing energy from taking part.  We are very thankful to have Sheffield Samba to bring their huge body shaking sounds to this participation extravaganza.  This year the parade will be later than usual as the theme of FIRE means it will be torchlit and lead us to the Misfire show.

This is a boutique festival with a desire to find people who really know how to join in and celebrate the senses.


Set in a magical grove of yew, beech & ash, Festival 8 is small enough to be very friendly, but with lots of things going on that you would expect find at larger festivals.

The Party Barn offers an often warm and always dry place to enjoy the music and sample from the bar, including real ales and ciders.

The Circus Big Top, the home of the Earthbound Misfits our resident ‘Cirque du Misfit’; they will be letting us use it for our main stage (see later)…. keep your eyes peeled for these guys!

The Woodland Stage set under a tree canopy will feature many acoustic acts, theatre, DJ’s and spoken word.  This year Speak Easy and Playing Aloud Studios will run this stage.

The Minimatt Busking Stage brings some of its studio portfolio  and will host a Saturday and Sunday Open Mic Session; Bring your words, your tunes your inner performer and set them free amongst the trees and friends you didn’t know you had.

There is a Health and Well Being area including a wood fired hot tub, a relaxing spa area and  many types of natural treatment to sooth the body and mind. Visit the individual tents and stalls to make bookings.

The Talks Tent, Pagoda and Dome will host a variety of interesting and engaging workshops, demonstrations and classes in Yoga, Meditation, Laughter Yoga, Tai Chi and many other mind expanding talks.

Tucked on the edge of the health and well being area, you will find, in the old octagonal well house, an onsite art gallery, dedicated this year to a new theme and is the meeting place for the watercolour painting classes!

Using the path round from this on the other side of the 3 story barn you will also find a fully working hair salon, beauty and make up studio.

Scattered around the main field in the grove of trees you will find lots of stalls, the and the Misfits Dome which will be home to many different workshops and impromptu performances.  This is also the home of the Earthbound Misfits, their circus and performance antics will bring colour and fun to Festival 8.  They will be running workshops here and in the Main Field including free running, and several types of circus skill.

Please look around the web site for top tips about events and happenings that are going on and to see some of the other great things you can get involved in, like the Sunday paint fight (wear white) and find out why you should bring red and yellow clothes.

This festival might not be for everyone, but for the people that get it, then it will be the best festival they have ever attended and helped happen. We look forward to meeting many like minded souls to share the love, inspiration and creativity that is FESTIVAL 8.

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