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Sheffield Samba Band

Back for the third year running, we are pleased to announce that the Sheffield Samba Band will be performing for us at this year's Festival 8! Sheffield Samba Band have been going since the early 2000s, bringing the sounds of samba drumming and rhythms to local communities. They’ve grown and evolved over the years but their agenda has always been big beats, big smiles, big energy…. And lots of pink! From their unmissable presence at local lantern processions, outdoor dance events, festivals and carnivals (of course!) to owning the stage in pubs and clubs, Sheffield Samba Band have been

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Poppers Revival

Poppers Revival are a fast emerging Sheffield rave extravaganza. They deliver a heady mix of live drum & bass, break-beats and techno, playing an electronic flute, didgeridoo, sonic bass-horn and drums galore. This is something you won't have experienced before. Don't miss Poppers Revival! We are... Doug Edwards Felix Eaton-Baudains Emily Johnson

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The Beatroot Collective

We are delighted to welcome back the Beatroot collective.  They will musically open and close the festival for us.  This year they are helping us provide a FUNKY FRIDAY with some 70's dirty disco classics in the Party Barn; get out your flares and afros! As well they will be keeping the music going in the barn all weekend playing between bands and if that wasn't enough look closely at the Silent Disco and you will find them there too..... what a crew!! Awesome! The Beatroot Collective are an East Coast based collective of DJ's and Promoters. Members of Beatroot played all

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Richard Tucker – Yoga Practitioner

Festival 8 are thrilled to welcome Richard to the Wellbeing Area, Richard will be delivering two yoga workshops over the weekend including a Hatha Flow Yoga Class and Yoga Nidra guided relaxation. Pranayama is Yogic breathing techniques, the breath of air being life. Yoga is the union of movement with breath. We might survive a few weeks without food, days maybe without water, but just moments without air! Each breath is unique. Every out breath an opportunity to release that which no longer serves you. And every intake of air is a chance to breathe in opportunity and new

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The Freddy James Band

The Freddy James Band is a Blues, Rock and Psychedelic group from the U.K. Featured in The Blues Magazine as one of the top 16 bands to lookout for in 2016 and bands that will change your world via Team Rock Media. Second music instalment "Black Flowers" E.P. is NOW AVAILABLE from all good music outlets. released through Flicknife Records.  Find out more about this fantastic band on their Facebook page at: facebook.com/freddyjamesband

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The Speak Easy

Festival 8 feel very lucky that we are working with vibrant music collective and events organisers from Hull The Speak Easy.  They will be running our woodland stage on Friday and Saturday and providing an interesting and entertaining line up of performers; primarily acoustic and ranging from solo artist to bands. "People of all cultures, creeds, hopes & dreams. Shapes, sizes, wants & needs.  Welcome to our very own Greenwich Village style musical mash up. A wonderful variety of talent that will appeal to all your eclectic needs........ COMPLETELY UNPLUGGED. There's a new voice of a generation and we Speak Easy. Gone are the

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Multi-instrumentalists Zheka and Paul, using field recordings, samples, vocals, hurdy-gurdy & whistles, finely craft sexy and dangerous EBM/Post-Industrial/Post-Punk with personal protest lyrics, sharp satirical imagery and a sweet sadomasochist vibe. Formed in Ukraine in 2008 tAngerinecAt have four albums to date and performed hundreds of shows all over UK and Eastern Europe. We are based in London. To find out more you can visit their official website at www.tangerinecat.net "Watch out for: tAngerinecAt. This is some of the most powerful music I have heard in a long time, and holds a message too. They manage a real art; creating

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Vinyl Saturday… on a Sunday!

Have you ever wanted to be a Dj at a festival? Now's your chance. Vinyl Saturday will be hosting the barn on Sunday afternoon. So we introduce to you Festival 8's very own Vinyl Sunday. All you need are some records that will fill 25 mins. 25 mins isn't a long time so pick wisely. It doesn't have to be the latest tracks by any means, this is not genre specific it's up to you what you choose to play. You will need to write down your records in the order you intend to play them so there's no

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