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Eden Rae

Eden Rae is a solo artist from Grimsby alternating between genres. She has been playing for 10 months and is energetic, passionate and dedicated to her music. We love performing live and can't wait to play Festival 8! Eden Rae will be playing this year on the Woodland Stage.

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Dukes de Luda

Dukes de Luda are an original eclectic acoustoelectric band from Louth, throwing the influences of every band member into the melting pot and creating a unique sound. The band is Danny Franklin on rhythm guitar and vocals, Dave Simpson on lead guitar and backing vocals, Martin Johnson on bass, and Totty Simpson on cajon. Fresh from the recording studio, Dukes De Luda are set to release their debut album, Midnight at the Lodestone, in the next few months. They will be playing a selection of songs from the upcoming album and some new material.

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The Rosianna Ceilidh Band

Originally formed from members of The Bootleggers Band who played for the Scunthorpe based Appalachian Dance display team, "The Bootleggers". Rosianna was formed in 1992 after being inspired by our good friends The Stubblejumpers. The current Bootleggers band, “The Lootbeggers” is a different lineup but does have some members in common with the old band and Rosianna. The band name is a mix up of the christian names of the daughters of two other founding members, Julia Pollock and Michele Roulson, they being, Rosie Pollock and Hannah Roulson. So, “Rosie-Hannah”, became, “Rosianna”. The line-up has changed over the years,

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Society Of Strange Living

The society have been steaming along for over a year and a half now, honing our live show - last year we gained our first festival badges with Landed Festival, Mudfest, Shanti Fest, Harmfest and our own Strange Living Festival. We're currently finishing our debut E.P. in between touring commitments, which will be out and bubbling by the time the festival comes around. This year we want to be back knee deep in mud doing what we love! We're a tight-knit, friendly, crowd-pleasing music machine, and we want to spend our summer in wellies doing what we do best.

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The Ginger Boatman

Come aboard a vibrational voyage Through conscious lyrical light, Where positivity faces the storm And beyond our wake, we break from form, Where the Boatman sings for souls to unite, Where the weary rest, the wise surrender, And with the flow, there is no fight... Singer-songwriter The Ginger Boatman brings contemporary folk and reggae together with a rhythmical acoustic display creating a unique and uplifting sound.   Find more out on the official Facebook page at: facebook.com/thegingerboatman

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‘Chimes’ is a four piece live electro-pop/glitch house band from Southampton. Former ‘The Other Tribe’ member (Sony publishing/Relentless/ Black Butter) Charlie Brown, created this project to fill a culturally grey void within a city that oozes talent but lacks funding and support to develop its own grass root identity. Chimes want you to laugh, smile, dance, jump around; this is music that is designed to make you feel GOOD!   Find more out on their Facebook page at faecbook.com/chimesbanduk

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Off The Grid Kids

Off the Grid Kids Back for a 4th year Off The Grid Kids take kids back to nature.  They can be found in the woodland and run some great family activities. All workshops are parent & child workshops and children are the sole responsibility of the parents.  There full list of FREE weekend workshops are as follows. Friday Evening: Storytelling around the bonfire 6pm until late evening... 'The Fox and the House Dog' And other Lincolnshire Folk Tales... Bring your own spooky stories to share! Saturday All Day Create a willow Dragon Sculpture for the Final Parade Make some

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Buffos Wake

Eastern European Carnival Punks, with influences from Abba to Zappa, Buffo's Wake are guaranteed to leave you dancing like a man possessed! Musical schizophrenics, drawing from their diverse backgrounds ranging from Drum n Bass DJ's to classically trained string players, punks to funk, poets to showmen, you're never quite sure what to expect next from Buffo's Wake. In their short 4 years together, they have toured all over the world, finding an inspired, confused, sweaty, and often very drunk reception everywhere they go. 2014 saw the release of their debut album, Carniphobia, followed by a non-stop tour schedule and

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