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The NottingJam Orchestra

An ever-growing collective of musicians and artists dedicated to improvised live performance. A fascinating assortment of blues, gypsy-punk, folk, jazz and beatboxing! Regular members include Motormouf, former members of Fighting Evil Is Cool, members of Unknown Era and ex-members of Breadchasers to name but a few!   Find out more on their Facebook page at facebook.com/NottingJamOrchestra    

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With the expression of Ed Sheeran and the vocal styling of Florence Welch-meets-Christina Perri, Léoa is an alternative-pop singer/songwriter who uses wistful melodies and insightful lyrics to comment on her surroundings. Her unique perspective on herself and our society her brings the emotional journey of a young person to life, allowing her music to truly be an escape for those who are desperately seeking a way to deal with the world around them. Though American, Léoa was raised in the UK which made her fall in love with British artists like The Beatles who have largely shaped her songwriting

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The Sweetchunks Band

The Sweetchunks Band are a Southampton based eccentric comedy outfit, performing bastardised versions of songs that you know and brilliant versions of songs that you don’t. They are known for their ability to entertain any audience with a fun, engaging performance that leaves people smiling, dancing and humming the tunes for hours afterwards. The Sweetchunks Band create a memorable evening of fun and dancing. The festivals they have played so far in the UK include Isle of Wight Festival, Beautiful Days, Mudfest, Watchet, Bearded Theory, Something to Smile About and much more. They have supported acts including Chas and

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Horncastle Ukulele Group

Horncastle Ukulele Group, HUG, started in 2013 when Andy Mathieson bought a £20 ukulele and put an ad in the local shop asking for people to come and play. It is now a gathering of around fifteen people who meet up two or three times a month to play ukuleles and sing. HUG is mixed in all aspects, (age, gender and musical ability) but we share the enjoyment of playing and singing, and we like our audiences to sing along too. We have an eclectically varied playlist of songs mainly from the twentieth century, but will consider any song

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Kings And Bears

Kings & Bears are a power trio hailing from Lincolnshire who are mainly, but not exclusively, inspired by rock, soul, funk and reggae. The members came together in November 2015, a formation which was a long time coming as singer/guitarist James Bastow had been attempting to form a trio with Tom Waite (drums) and Adam Dawson (bass guitar) after seeing them play together in their former band. On the formation James says: “I knew that our different characters, abilities and interests would make for a powerful combination and from the first time I saw the guys play I knew

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Dead Happy

Dead Happy are a 3 piece freaky disco metal band from Birmingham, UK. An eclectic fusion of electronic metal madness, Dead Happy come at you with pounding guitar riffs, hooky electronic breakdowns and anarchic vocals. Combining a frantic live show with a unique sound, audiences have enjoyed the unpredictable and offbeat experience that Dead Happy deliver.   "Something about it made me want to listen again and again .....it sounds like Pendulum goes to the funfair!" - Kerrang!   "Spin the music of Dead Happy and have a brilliant party - it will work!" - Emerging Indie Bands  

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Joe Quillin

Joe had already built a reputation for playing solo or with his band around London in the late Eighties when in 1992 he first toured Europe with the Mick Clarke band (guitarist with Killing Floor) playing support to many major bands including Canned Heat. Having spent a year writing and playing in Australia with Australian Crawl and the Black Sorrows, Joe returned to London where in 1995 he was the winner of the Golden Plectrum Musician of the Year award. In 1996 his first e.p. 'ask me for the truth' brought him bookings at festivals such as Gaunt's House, Big

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Clan Dextine

Clan Dextine is a Dj, tinkerbello and activist. On the musical side, he loves to spin bass heavy remakes of the great styles of the past (namely swing, blues, rock'n'roll, funk, ska, and more) and to flow smoothly through all those genres in his sets. To give matters a further personal twist he regularly spices his mixes up with celebrated ethnic influences, the likes of balkanesrque and arabesque beats. With these infectious dance grooves Clan Dextine has been taking the scene by storm since day one and in only 3 years he's played regularly at many venues in London

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