BAGUA DAO-YIN: aka Walking the Tai Chi Circle Meditation – with Bob and Sue

smaller version of bobBagua Dao-yin is a 4,000 year old Daoist practice from the South-West mountains of China.  A meditation and health art, this dynamic and fluid form is the most complete form of all the Internal Arts.  Walking the circle changing directions and postures builds a strong, flexible and stable body. Working deep into the body’s soft tissues, opening all of the acupuncture meridians, Bagua Dao-Yin balances and cleanses the body inside and out.  Thus creating a foundation to build chi, spirituality and consciousness connecting you to the planet, nature and the universe.
These sessions will be in the morning to get us all off to a good start. We can’t wait!

See you on the circle at Festival Eight, say Bob and Sue.



Cabourne Parva circle for Tai Chi meditation

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