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Betty is the home of the Earthbound Misfits but for Festival 8 she serves as our biggest stage. For the first 2 years the stage has been a pirate ship, this year we will continue to add to the decorations of the main stage. Sound Services are provided for us by the ever helpful Dave Lowe and his team at Festival People ( with Lighting coming from THE ZENJEN LIGHTING EXPERIMENT, together they help create the awesome vibe that has the crowds dancing til 1am on the Friday and Saturday Nights and 10pm on Sunday.

Silent Disco

Between 1am and 3am on Friday and Saturday, this is also the location for the SILENT DISCO. Be sure to check this out and remember to bring £20 as a deposit for the headphones; you get this back when you return the headphones!

The big top is also where during the afternoon and daytime you can find dance and other workshops. Do come and check them out!

2018 Lineup | Bands
 Sam & The Womp

Disney Rascal

Future Theory

Good Earth Collective

Chris Cooper Band

Eden Rae Lake

Poppers Revival

The Activators

Duke Of Wolves

Dukes Deluda

Full on Floyd

Emily J Electric

Jelly Head

Cercies Diner

Bartek Dabrowski

Kev Howell Band

2018 Lineup | DJs
Clandexitine (DJ)
Melos (DJ)
Dugout Sound System  (DJ)
DJ Gayatri Lou Beegan
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