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One of the things that often puts people off festivals is the camping.  This can be because of the hassle of having to set up and possibly take down a tent in the UK’s inclement weather.  Plus many light weight tents can be prone to being a bit drafty and not so warm.

With the arrival of ‘Boutique Camping‘ you no longer have to have this hassle, or excuse for not giving a festival a try.  The phenomena of Boutique Camping has grown over last few years, since people started offering it at one or two of the major festivals.  Its growth has been such, that you can even go on camping holidays using the Boutique format.

Boutique can turn a festival into a real treat. It makes a festival feel far more like a holiday. Festival 8 will already be something a bit special, but with this option you can totally relax and get into the serious business of having fun!

Festival 8 offers our guests this delightful boutique option with a range of luxury and prices.

The tents we have are very new and of exceptional build quality, having been made in the UK.  They are all at least 4 meters in diameter and big enough for 4 people to share or for a couple to have a romantic break.

“I always wanted to go to a festival and have breakfast in bed, its great to be able to offer this service” Sean, Festival 8 organising committee

If you book any of the boutique tents, your tent will be in a selected area close to the festival.  You will also be given an exclusive telephone number to enable you to order food and drinks to be delivered to your tent.

There are a range of options, from just supplying you with a tent, through to full on luxury with us supplying you with clean bedding, welcome drinks and a pile of cushions to lounge around on.

To book please visit our shop and don’t forget you need to buy tickets for the event too!

Click HERE to go straight to the shop.

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