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If you buy a weekend ticket for Festival 8 then that means you can bring your own tent and camp.  There is a big field close to the main festival site for camping.  The field will be divided into a few separate areas. We ask that you take note of this so that you don’t have to move your tent once it is pitched.

There will be a quieter area for family camping. If you are the sort of festival goer that likes to sit up to the early hours then please don’t camp in this area.  You will be asked to move if you make too much noise, as some people really need a good nights sleep to have a good time.

There will also be a crew area, this is for crew and bands please don’t camp here unless you have crew or band passes.

There will be a boutique camping area with pre-setup tents.  Please don’t camp here.

While camping we ask that you;

  • Please be considerate of other campers and festival goers.
  • Clear up after your selves. Leave no litter as the field is used to graze animals after you go.
  • Please do Not bring glass bottles onto the site.   YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE GLASS BOTTLES INTO THE MAIN FESTIVAL SITE.  This is part of the licensing agreement and is a rule imposed on the site by the local authority.
  • Be very aware of fire risks and look out for your fellow festival goers.
  • No campfires or Bar-b-qs are allowed.


In an effort to encourage car sharing and less use of cars we will be asking you to donate to a good cause if you park your car. There is a £5 fee for parking.  IT IS PAYABLE EVERY TIME YOU ENTER THE CAR PARK AREA.  This money is not going to the festival but is being given to local charities. You can feel good that your money is being used in a good way.

There will be a separate parking area for live in vehicles.   We expect that live in vehicles will stay parked all weekend, again as a safety precaution.  If you need to move your vehicle please contact one of the volunteers or staff to come and be a safety marshal.

When parking we ask that you park as close together as a car park.  The number of cars we have arriving only just fit in the available space.  IF people park irresponsibly we may employ the tractor to move vehicles especially if they are a hazard or block emergency access.

The campsite is only about 5mins walk from the car parking so there is no need to fear the massive trek that you have at some festivals. Vehicles will NOT be permitted in the camping area without prior permission.  This is to minimise the risk of accidents involving cars and tents (never a good thing!).

If you bring a car to the site you will be directed to the car parking area.  Please park in the rows as guided by the car park attendants.  We need to make sure there is access and that we make best use of the available space.

If you are a day visitor you will be parked in a separate area.

Sleeping or camping in the car park area is NOT allowed.  If you are found sleeping in the car park area you will be asked to move and may have have to pay an additional fee.

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