Aerial workshop and Performance with Blackbird!

LATE Addition to the program... but what a great addition! Aerial workshop and performance in the Misfit Dome Friday 7 til 9pm workshop.,, performance 9:10pm Friday in the Misfits Dome. Workshop Why noy try your hand at an amazing new skill that will challenge your brain and body? This aerial workshop will give participants the opportunity to learn what it takes to become an aerialist. You will learn beginner aerial positions and movements in this traditional circus art form. Aerial is a great way to develop your physical fitness, core strength and flexibility all whilst having tones of fun!

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2018 program

All 3 days programs..... and a link to the sound cloud.... so you can have a listen while you plan your weekend. click the red links below to see each day or the sound cloud is at the bottom. Friday…/1A9AvBTrSz7Vu7ZG2MA5W2m1ClD…/edit… Sat…/1z0PLrP85H1SqGojqtDG3a3GDa0…/edit… Sun…/1WQF_efGhfgFS_jIm-0bzjArJ_k…/edit… Soundcloud

Serious Mischief Theatre Company

We saw this theatre and circus performance at another event and realised it fitted really well with our theme. A fantastic Family Show, so good we had to run it twice on the Saturday so you get chance to see it. An interactive story experience. This turbulent struggle of Sun ‘vs’ Wind heats up with audience participation in true street style with crowds vowing for their favourite character to out shine the other! There is also a chance for children in the audience to get involved by creating the different weather conditions needed for the show because, as we know, you

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Spectacular LED Show

We saw this show at PLAY festival last year and knew we had to bring them to Festival 8 for you to experience.  You can catch them on Saturday night after it is dark! Smoking Hot Productions have over ten years experience of creating exciting and dynamic circus shows.  Now specialising in LED, laser and glow technologies, the Photon glow show combines cutting-edge LED technology with impressively choreographed routines, using specialist equipment not seen anywhere else.  The custom made LED suits, and unique glow catherine wheel, glow hoop-cubes and pixel poi are programmed with precision split second timing to

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Full Schedule 2016

Here you go in all its glory.... chance to plan your weekend.  Please be aware that there maybe some last minute changes.  There should be chalkboards with updates near to the the party barn and near each activity area. Festival 8... celebr8 ......particip8 Click the link below to see it in a web page.... Schedule  

Slack Line Park

While attending the JuggLincolnvention we met these folks running a Slackline Park.  Its a fun activity that really develops your sense of balance so after chatting to them we added it as another FREE activity for you to try and have a play.  Is fun for kids and adults that haven't lost that sense of fun and adventure. Anya one of the volunteers running the sessions said "Slackline Park available! Including beginner workshops (limited places) and practice sessions when weather permits. Find us among the trees near the woodland stage, where you can sign up to have a go. This fun

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Aerial Skills Workshop

We helped with the Jugglincolnvention and saw this lady running her fantastic classes. As the Misfits have a their own Aerial rig we thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to be able to offer you the chance to try out these workshops.  They are at a special low price of £20 and can be booked at the INFO POINT. Samara is a freelance circus artist and tutor specialising in Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop, Static Trapeze, handstands and flexibility. She started her journey into an inverted life in 2008 with Pole Dance classes. In 2010 she started trapeze lessons and

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Festival 8's organisers know some lovely talented folk that have been very helpful in our first year of setting up this wonderful event.  We saw one of the Geofest creative walkabouts and knew straight away we had to have them involved in the festival.  Geofest will be on hand to work along side the Earthbound Misfits and be providing not only a giant feature for the parade but also some of their signature workshops and activities. GeoFest Collective are a group of Midlands based performers specialising in unique walkabout acts, varied workshops and energetic shows incorporating fire, glow and live music.'

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