Aerial Skills Workshop

We helped with the Jugglincolnvention and saw this lady running her fantastic classes. As the Misfits have a their own Aerial rig we thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to be able to offer you the chance to try out these workshops.  They are at a special low price of £20 and can be booked at the INFO POINT. Samara is a freelance circus artist and tutor specialising in Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop, Static Trapeze, handstands and flexibility. She started her journey into an inverted life in 2008 with Pole Dance classes. In 2010 she started trapeze lessons and

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Goethian Plant Study

We live in a logical society, built on science which largely dismisses things which cannot be explained…. yet.  Let me introduce you to a different way to learn and connect with your environment – where you meditate and connect with a plant to discover its uses and applications. Herbal medicine is used throughout the world, prior to trade routes cultures would use the same herbs for the same applications – how did they discover this knowledge with continents, language and isolation as barriers? Spend time connecting to a plant or tree on this workshop and connect to nature accessing universal

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Divine Feminine- Jessica Sawyer

Divine Feminine Workshop   “A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” ~ Diane Mariechild ~ In this Divine Feminine workshop participants will learn how to reconnect with their inner Goddess. We will release things that are no longer serving us through various exercises allowing us to let go of insecurities that have been holding us back and start to view ourselves as the divine beings we are. This will be a sacred workshop to embrace your femininity and connect with your sisters. Touching on various subjects such as; lunar cycles, female energy,

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Bio Resonance – Rachel Bavin

The Festival 8 family are all regular clients of Rachel's, the Bio resonance treatments helps us to rebalance and stay healthy; which means as well as our day jobs we can do crazy things like host and organise fabulous boutique festivals! Dont take our word for it, see testimonials at the bottom of the page; Rachel can be found in the Wellbeing Arena, right next to the Well house art gallery. Have you tried ‘everything’ and not quite reached the key to unlock yourself from your continued circles, repeated health problems, stress and dis-ease with the world? Give Bio-Resonance a

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The Body Farmers

A late addition to Festival 8 but a welcome one. We liked the no covers approach, as good as covers can be its always great to get original music. The BodyFarmers formed in the winter of 2012, agreeing from the start “no vocals, no covers!” Exploring the themes of: the affects of war, human contact, space & the messed up modern world! With all members having varied influences, the music has many layers and drive, with three guitars it truly is a huge wall of sound. The BodyFarmers main influences are, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mogwai, Sigur Ros, This Will

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Freedo- Power of Symbols

Join Gary Winer on a Journey of Self Discovery, investigating the Power of Symbols and how to use them in his fabulous Freedo workshop on Sunday in the Wellbeing Arena. FREEDO The Power of Symbols The first question is, what is a symbol? A symbol is something that gives you a meaning. They come as images or logos like the religious symbols of the Cross, Star if David, or the business symbols of Nike and MacDonals, It's not only images that are symbols, but also objects life fire, a snake, spider or temple, emotions are symbols like fear, Love, anger

Gary Winer Healings

Festival 8 are excited to welcome Gary  Winer who is giving a free workshop on Sunday and who will be enjoying sharing his knowledge and connecting with people at the Festival. Gary has a totally unique approach to healing which exquisitely honours the body, the spirit, energy body, emotions and all aspects of the whole self, we thoroughly recommend his workshop 'Freedo- the Power of Symbols' in the Wellbeing Arena, learn more about this workshop on the Talks page. Freedo- the Power of Symbols Gary has created three bespoke healing sessions, while each session includes mind, body and soul, one of

Forever Living with Leila Hardy

Almost all of the Festival 8 organising team use Forever Living Products, we believe they are the best Aloe products in the market and love a lot of the supplements too, so having an area for Taste Therapies we had to have Leila Hardy here to support the Festival. Leila is a wonderful Forever Living consultant who applies her own knowledge and experience and has gathered extensive case studies, we can highly recommend a consultation and product sample. You can find Leila on the Teepee Lawn within the Wellbeing Arena.    I’m passionate about seeing people feel healthy, well and

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