The Wheel Of Fortune

Wandering the site one night you might come upon this sight...... "Come and have a go on the Wheel of Fortune... Play yourself against the wheel and win a Prize or maybe find the answers you seek... OR maybe the wheel will play you but its ok cos... Every time a Winner on the wheel of miss fortune!! .. and it's got Prizes! Prizes! Prizes! Seek the Wheel or will the Wheel seek you."

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Freedo Interactive Talk, Class & Workshop

We are so excited to be joined by Gary this year, he certainly is gifted in holding the space for people to immerse in whatever they wish to release and experiencing a shift. havig attended a workshop of his on Rainbow Blessings - another therapy Gary has developed through his years as a therapeutic practitioner - I experienced a profound shift in a very gentle and supported way, he has a manner of empowering people to live their truth and bring their dreams to reality. Offering 3 separate sessions: an introductory talk, a class and a fully immersive workshop

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Free Running with Team Reality

Team Reality Grimsby premier Parkour coaching team will be providing tuition for all ages at this year's festival 8. Parkour is now recognised as an official sport in the uk, also known as the art of movement, Free Runners use their bodies to interact with any terrain. running, jumping, climbing, rolling, vaulting and even summersaulting will be on the agenda in our safe and soft Parkour playground. With our experienced coaches on hand the team of local acrobats will be showing off their skills with daily demos and hosting taster sessions and for; knee high ninjas (4-8yrs) junior jumpers

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Silverback Bushcraft

Hidden in the trees along the woodland walk you will find Kieran from Silverback Bushcraft. Back for a second year they will be offering some free have a go sessions of fire lighting, natural cordage making, bread making etc and some 'masterclasses' on spoon carving and friction fire lighting  at a reasonable cost these will be 2-3 hour sessions for small groups. which will be bookable, ideally. They will also put on demos of camp fire cooking and various other bushcraft and survival skills that will be interactive Most people have heard of rubbing two stick together to make a

Photo Workshops and Competition

"HIP Gallery is offering Festival8 snappers the chance to exhibit in Hull's Princes Quay. They will be holding a photography competition for the best photos taken at the festival, and 12 will be chosen for the exhibition. Not only that, they will be holding photography workshops for children and adults on the weekend. So whether you are a photo pro, a weekend snapper or a total beginner you could be exhibiting your photos in the City of Culture." There will be 2 workshops one for children the other for adults.  Bring you own camera or even your phone! SEE

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Sunday Assembly

Last year this was for some people the most amazing thing they did all weekend.  We had laughter, tears, joy, games and some great music...... if you'd love to celebr8 life then this is worth getting up for. Life, its incredible when you stop to think of it.  Your chance of being here is infinitesimally small, yet here you are in all your unique glory.  There isn't another you and the likelihood of their being another is even smaller than the chance of you being here at all. In the busyness of our lives it's easy to get caught

Art Installations 2017

Deep in the heart of Texas - which looks and smells like North Shields when the wind blows from a certain direction - Rob Walton and Russ Coleman are busy.  They are busy making words for the wonderful North Lincolnshire festival-goers.   These words, painted on boards, will be offered to you lovely folk to arrange in the air.  Make beautiful poetry.  Write utter nonsense.  Put the words together and create a haiku, or a sentence or a message to a loved one.  But mostly – have fun. The art installation will be around the Woodland Walk or Woodland stage.

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