2018 program

All 3 days programs..... and a link to the sound cloud.... so you can have a listen while you plan your weekend. click the red links below to see each day or the sound cloud is at the bottom. Friday https://docs.google.com/…/1A9AvBTrSz7Vu7ZG2MA5W2m1ClD…/edit… Sat https://docs.google.com/…/1z0PLrP85H1SqGojqtDG3a3GDa0…/edit… Sun https://docs.google.com/…/1WQF_efGhfgFS_jIm-0bzjArJ_k…/edit… Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/festival8/sets/festival-8-2018

Meet the Compères

The Circus tent and Party Barn both have compères this year, each has their own style and delivery..... these guys are here to give you some info about the bands and encourage to show your appreciation.... we thought we'd dedicate a bit of web space to introduce them..... In The Party Barn Hazy Jay has been involved in live music since he was 8 years old performing as part of an orchestral ensemble, going on tour for the first time aged 11. Since then he has been an underground dance/club DJ playing nationally, a radio DJ, an event/festival organiser,

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We are delighted once again that the driveway will be decorated by a number of fantastical flags from  Hull Carnival Arts. They say first impressions matter and this attention to detail really help sets the tone of the festival. Festival 8 celebr8, cr8, partip8, Hull Carnival Arts is an activity strand of Apus Productions Ltd. Hull Carnival Arts www.hullcarnivalarts.org.uk Apus Productions Ltd www.apusproductions.co.uk

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Duke of Wolves

Delighted to be hosting this band from the big smoke... they will be rocking the Big Top on Friday night. DUKE OF WOLVES are a London based 4 piece band who are stamping their own melodic take on alternative rock music. Formed in January 2016 the band have played up and down the UK at gigs and festivals including The Big Top Stage at The Isle Of Wight Festival, released singles, and are building their Wolfpack at every single show. Radio plays across, BBC introducing (including the Radio 6 Mixtape), Planet Rock and Amazing Radio (Playlisted by Charlie Ashcroft). Online

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Thursday Entry

Every year we have had more and more requests for people to come on the Thursday to either set up their tents or just have a bit of extra time to land and get in to the festival vibe.  Last year we had so many people that it caused us a few extra logistical problems so we had to take one of 2 options; either not allow anyone or set up a Thursday ticket to allow for the additional planning and costs. We have decided on the latter. You can buy an advanced ticket from Brown paper tickets for

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The Beatroot Collective

We are delighted to welcome back the Beatroot collective.  They will musically open and close the festival for us.  This year they are helping us provide a FUNKY FRIDAY with some 70's dirty disco classics in the Party Barn; get out your flares and afros! As well they will be keeping the music going in the barn all weekend playing between bands and if that wasn't enough look closely at the Silent Disco and you will find them there too..... what a crew!! Awesome! The Beatroot Collective are an East Coast based collective of DJ's and Promoters. Members of Beatroot played all

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Sunday Assembly

Last year this was for some people the most amazing thing they did all weekend.  We had laughter, tears, joy, games and some great music...... if you'd love to celebr8 life then this is worth getting up for. Life, its incredible when you stop to think of it.  Your chance of being here is infinitesimally small, yet here you are in all your unique glory.  There isn't another you and the likelihood of their being another is even smaller than the chance of you being here at all. In the busyness of our lives it's easy to get caught

Crazy Golf

We like to keep mixing it up with Festival 8 so this year we bring you Crazy Golf.  Located around the site will be a number of crazy golf holes...... there should be a golf club and some balls at every hole.    The course is currently under construction by 'Bongo Dan' one of the founding members of Festival 8.  We are trying for an 8 hole course!   Go to the Info point for more info.    

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