The Wheel Of Fortune

Wandering the site one night you might come upon this sight...... "Come and have a go on the Wheel of Fortune... Play yourself against the wheel and win a Prize or maybe find the answers you seek... OR maybe the wheel will play you but its ok cos... Every time a Winner on the wheel of miss fortune!! .. and it's got Prizes! Prizes! Prizes! Seek the Wheel or will the Wheel seek you."

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Sheffield Samba Band

Back again the  energy and fun they put into their performance is wonderfully infectious and really gets the crowd dancing and smiling.  They have been so enthusiastic about being at Festival 8 again this year and will certainly help rock out the Saturday Night Fire Parade.  We are delighted to have them along.. they bring something very special to the festival. Sheffield Samba Band have been going since the early 2000s, bringing the sounds of samba drumming and rhythms to local communities. They've grown and evolved over the years but their agenda has always been big beats, big smiles, big energy....  And lots of

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Pirate Sunday

Ahoy me harties get yasens prepared for a great good Sunday event at the Festival 8.  We ask you to join with us in Pirate Sunday.   After the paint fight at noon when the sun is mid way between the yard arm and the sea, then come with costumes, parrots, doubloons and pirate talk.   The Earthbound Misfits will be around with their pirate boat, and be sure to hang on to anything valuable, their pirates have been known to borrow all manner of things; your children, your partner, your food...... only other pirates stand a chance of bein'

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Festival 8's organisers know some lovely talented folk that have been very helpful in our first year of setting up this wonderful event.  We saw one of the Geofest creative walkabouts and knew straight away we had to have them involved in the festival.  Geofest will be on hand to work along side the Earthbound Misfits and be providing not only a giant feature for the parade but also some of their signature workshops and activities. GeoFest Collective are a group of Midlands based performers specialising in unique walkabout acts, varied workshops and energetic shows incorporating fire, glow and live music.'

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Iza Moon

Festival 8 are happy to welcome Iza Moon back to Cabourne Parva, Iza has been integral to the healing space at many events held at Cabourne and for Festival 8 she will be taking her beautiful spoken word and song into the main festival site as well as featuring on the pagoda in the Well Being Arena, we are looking forward to hearing her voice resonating through the trees! Iza is also providing a Sacred Fire Ceremony at the festival which we highly recommend attending, its powerful work. You can pick up your own copy of Iza's album Journey which

The Unholy Poet

Take a woodland walk at Festival 8, and you might be lucky enough to find the Unholy Poet standing beneath a tree, waiting to share with you some of his collections of words.  Festival 8 continues it championing of the spoken word arts. A pop up performer that may be found on a stage or two as well. Martin Short AKA The Unholy Poet is a Louth born wordsmith, educator and activist, presently residing in Grimsby. The Unholy One hosts his own monthly poetry evening in the No.1 pub in Cleethorpes with his disparate posse of poetic pals. He is a planetary

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As yet another demonstration of the regions talent and diversity Festival 8 is pleased to bring you Taiko Drumming.  This pop up performance on Saturday will announce itself with the hugely energetic display of percussion and choreography. Coritani are a professional Taiko drumming group based in the North Lincolnshire region. Fusing Japanese style drumming, choreography and voice the group tour festivals and events across the UK. Festival 8 will see one of the first performances back in the UK following the groups time in California where they will have been working and studying with renowned Taiko Artists from the LA

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Pop-up Mary the Peoples Poet

As part of Festival 8's pop up activities we have a few poets who will be giving impromptu performances.  Expect delightful sharings of their carefully crafted words.  Josie is a well known Grimsby Poet and her character Pop-up Mary is a force to be reckoned with. Josie-Anne Gray is a poet, musician and theatre maker with a strident sense of social justice. In her pop-up poetry persona ‘Pop-up Mary’ she aims to use humour and poetry to convey a serious message.  Pop-up Mary will be wandering about at Festival 8 with a bucket of poems about the state of the

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