2018 program

All 3 days programs..... and a link to the sound cloud.... so you can have a listen while you plan your weekend. click the red links below to see each day or the sound cloud is at the bottom. Friday https://docs.google.com/…/1A9AvBTrSz7Vu7ZG2MA5W2m1ClD…/edit… Sat https://docs.google.com/…/1z0PLrP85H1SqGojqtDG3a3GDa0…/edit… Sun https://docs.google.com/…/1WQF_efGhfgFS_jIm-0bzjArJ_k…/edit… Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/festival8/sets/festival-8-2018

Meet the Compères

The Circus tent and Party Barn both have compères this year, each has their own style and delivery..... these guys are here to give you some info about the bands and encourage to show your appreciation.... we thought we'd dedicate a bit of web space to introduce them..... In The Party Barn Hazy Jay has been involved in live music since he was 8 years old performing as part of an orchestral ensemble, going on tour for the first time aged 11. Since then he has been an underground dance/club DJ playing nationally, a radio DJ, an event/festival organiser,

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Creative Writing Workshop with award winning writer, actor and broadcaster Ted Stanley

As part of our series of engaging talks at Festival 8 we are pleased to able to delve into the literary field with award winning writer, actor and broadcaster Ted Stanley.  His workshop will be in the talks tent, next to the well house, on Sunday afternoon. Everyone has a story to tell and this introductory workshop will help you get those ideas out of your head and onto the page and develop them into publishable work. THE HEALTH BENEFITS. GENERATING IDEAS THE STRUCTURE OF STORIES ENGAGING THE READER SHOWING not TELLING POINT OF VIEW GENRE TENSE AVOIDING PITFALLS

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Chris Cross Magician

Everyone loves a bit of Magic.  We are delighted to announce that on Sunday we have Chris Cross joining us.  He is a fantastic performer and has had many TV performances.  His comedy patter and tricks has enthralled audiences up and down the country. Chris will be one of several walkabout acts that we have at Festival 8.  These unique performances dont get seen by everyone, but end up being fantastic punctuation marks in the unfolding story of fun that is Festival 8. Chris is based in Newcastle and he is known to be one of the Top Close-up

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Tales from the Heartwood – Story Telling

This was a lovely family favourite last year. Come and shelter from the elements and snuggle up in our beautiful cushioned and carpeted tent, and be transported to wild and enchanted places with Tales From The Heartwood, whilst we weave weird and magical stories from far away across the world, assisted by our strange and captivating puppets. Fabulous storytelling for children and adults of all ages.

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Paul Jenkins

We are delighted to have with us this year Paul Jenkins.  This fab free family workshop will get you thinking and playing with words...... come along and let out your secret inner writer. Sometimes he talks in nonsense He talks in Wobbly Wibbles He opens up his mouth But what comes out is bobbly bibbles... Paul is a poet and author based over in Ramsbottom, Lancs who used to be a teacher but discovered a way to tunnel under the fence. He now tours to schools and community groups all over the UK. As a writer and performer he’s

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Sunday Assembly

Last year this was for some people the most amazing thing they did all weekend.  We had laughter, tears, joy, games and some great music...... if you'd love to celebr8 life then this is worth getting up for. Life, its incredible when you stop to think of it.  Your chance of being here is infinitesimally small, yet here you are in all your unique glory.  There isn't another you and the likelihood of their being another is even smaller than the chance of you being here at all. In the busyness of our lives it's easy to get caught

Untamed voices – harmony singing workshop

Untamed voices - harmony singing workshop Flex your vocal muscles, or rediscover and free your voice with a fun harmony workshop. Returning to Festival 8 this year, fresh from Hull UK City of Culture, Clare Drury brings us a vocal harmony workshop bespoke for Festival 8. The aim of this 1.5 hour workshop, is to have fun while exploring natural voices and singing in harmony. The workshop will be run by inspirational leader Clare Drury whose heart centered approach to voice will lead you on a journey of vocal discovery, linking in with the Festival 8 theme celebrating the element

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