Sunday Assembly

Last year this was for some people the most amazing thing they did all weekend.  We had laughter, tears, joy, games and some great music...... if you'd love to celebr8 life then this is worth getting up for. Life, its incredible when you stop to think of it.  Your chance of being here is infinitesimally small, yet here you are in all your unique glory.  There isn't another you and the likelihood of their being another is even smaller than the chance of you being here at all. In the busyness of our lives it's easy to get caught

Serious Mischief Theatre Company

We saw this theatre and circus performance at another event and realised it fitted really well with our theme. A fantastic Family Show, so good we had to run it twice on the Saturday so you get chance to see it. An interactive story experience. This turbulent struggle of Sun ‘vs’ Wind heats up with audience participation in true street style with crowds vowing for their favourite character to out shine the other! There is also a chance for children in the audience to get involved by creating the different weather conditions needed for the show because, as we know, you

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Full Schedule 2016

Here you go in all its glory.... chance to plan your weekend.  Please be aware that there maybe some last minute changes.  There should be chalkboards with updates near to the the party barn and near each activity area. Festival 8... celebr8 ......particip8 Click the link below to see it in a web page.... Schedule  

Minimatt Busking Stage

Festival 8 is successful because lots of people come together to make it happen.  This year we have a new partnership with a local Production Studio that is going to run a busking stage.  They will pepper the stage with a couple of their house acts, that use their recording facilities in Grimsby and then the stage is open to all comers, simply book in and join in the fun! The Minimatt Busking Stage brings not only acoustic talents of Ramble Gamble, Rainmaker, Sunny & Boo Boo, but comedians & poetry from Dannielle Matthews and Ros Ballinger. We will also

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Cyril the Squirrel

Festival 8 is delighted to announce as part of our family entertainment a wonderful piece of theatre and interactive drama; Cyril the Squirrel.  There will be 2 shows on the Saturday, if you have children then make sure you see this show. Cyril the Squirrel loves magic! He can make acorns disappear but can’t remember where he buried the nuts for winter. Has Rosie Red got a plan? Is she even allowed to play with a Cyril? A magical journey through storytelling, puppetry and clown for children aged 3+ and families.   Look around you… Does anyone have the same nose, eyes or

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Drugs in Lincs

We had the pleasure of meeting Ian Bertram from Drugs in Lincs recently at an exhibition, he shared his personal experience of drug misuse within his family and we were completely blown away by the strength of this incredible person and the determination and positive effort he continues to go to in order that other people have an organisation to reach out to within the area. To help raise awareness and education Ian will be delivering a talk on Friday evening of the festival, and we will be supporting him by having a fund raising collection at the information point.

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Bodily Writing

As part of Festival 8's offerings of alternative activities we present an interesting mix of movement and poetry.  This is a participatory workshop. Come along and try out something totally new. A taster workshop looking at the physicality and musicality of words, phrases, sounds and feelings.Explore how we can write with our bodies Poet and choreographer Helen Calcutt and writer, facilitator and spoken word artist Hayley Frances introduce new ways of thinking about poetry and dance, bringing the ideas, patterns and shapes of language to life.Participants will use professional dance techniques, and are inspired by the natural rhythms and sounds of words.

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The Earthbound Misfits

While planning Festival 8 we decided an essential element, that we have seen work so well at other festivals, was to ensure we had both things for children and big kids to do, plus we wanted to have some interactive walkabout characters.  Luckily for us, we have a very successful local company that offers all those services.   The Earthbound misfits were written into our festival plan and we know that you will love interacting with them and joining in with their fun and games. The Earthbound Misfits are based in Lincolnshire and are a bespoke entertainments company.  The Misfits were established

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