Festival 8 Artist Commissions

Festival 8 is inviting applications from artists who are interested in doing an installation as part of the festival. We have several grants to give away ranging from £100 to £300 and successful applicants will be given 2 free weekend tickets. If you are interested please message us direct from the website or facebook and tell us your email so we can send you details. The application process will close 1st of May and decisions made by end of May.  

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Spirit of the Drum: drumming workshop with Tina & Patrick Kavanagh

Welcoming back Spirit of the Drum In many ways, Cabourne Parva was the place where Spirit of the Drum came of age, and it always gives us great pleasure to return here. Spirit of the Drum is very much about building our connection to the earth, and allowing her energies to balance us and ground us while our guides and helpers provide healing energy, and the guidance and wisdom necessary for positive inner journeys. Drumming for the Earth We will be drumming for the Earth to resonate with this year’s theme for Festival 8, and we hope you will all come

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Rainbow Kids Yoga – with Kerry and Lou

Imagine. Play. Yoga Children’s and Family yoga Excited to introduce Kerry and her partner Lou who  work in schools, nurseries, community centres, children's centres and Doncaster's only Yoga studio showing children how much fun they can have while exercising. Kerry currently runs after school clubs, pre-school classes, family classes in children's centres, and PE lessons. Her partner Lou also teaches kids yoga classes at Tall Trees Yoga studio and in schools. Yoga for kids and their parents - enjoy together! Exciting yoga games and activities, breath work, action stories to spark the imagination and lots of teamwork with chill time/story at the end.

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Tom Skelly

'East Coast beachcomber folk blues'. Another Speak Easy Act. https://tomskellymusic.bandcamp.com https://m.youtube.com/user/tomskelly91 https://m.soundcloud.com/tomskellymusic https://m.facebook.com/tomskellymusic/ https://twitter.com/tomskellymusic

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Jess Kennedy – hatha yoga & uplifting holistic treatments

Jess Kennedy is a love and light worker offering a hatha yoga and a gorgeous selection of holistic treatments that will leave you feeling truly uplifted. Hatha yoga morning sessions Get your life force energy flowing with a Hatha yoga class, building strength and flexibility, reducing stress and bringing peace of mind Holistic massage Take some time out for a holistic massage, Indian head massage or reiki healing. Treatments to energise and revive, relieve tension in sore stiff muscles or relax and melt away to that quiet space within.  Visit her Facebook page: Jess Kennedy Holistic Massage

BAGUA DAO-YIN: aka Walking the Tai Chi Circle Meditation – with Bob and Sue

Bagua Dao-yin is a 4,000 year old Daoist practice from the South-West mountains of China.  A meditation and health art, this dynamic and fluid form is the most complete form of all the Internal Arts.  Walking the circle changing directions and postures builds a strong, flexible and stable body. Working deep into the body's soft tissues, opening all of the acupuncture meridians, Bagua Dao-Yin balances and cleanses the body inside and out.  Thus creating a foundation to build chi, spirituality and consciousness connecting you to the planet, nature and the universe. These sessions will be in the morning to get us

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Super sound healing with John Thornberry aka Jet of Eternal Senses

We're thrilled to welcome back John E. Thornberry (aka Jet) to the Wellbeing arena fold About John He is a Sound Practitioner and co-founder of Audio Vibrational Healing, Eternal Senses. John has many strings to his bow as  a Life Song Practitioner, Music Creator, Sound Designer, Video Creator, Professional Medium, Sound Practitioner and Tutor. He  has been involved with alternative therapies, new age, and paranormal subjects since starting to study these disciplines more than 40 years ago. He is a qualified tutor in adult learning, and has a degree in Humanities. He has taught and designed many courses which range from Computers to Mediumship, and Alternative

Dez and Cathy Allenby

Cathy and Dez Allenby play songs by Forest Dez has made music for more than fifty years, as a performer in his own right and frequently working with other musicians. His music is original but springs from traditional roots. Dez was an original member of the legendary English underground, psychedelic, acid folk trio, Forest, in the ’60s and ’70s whose records on the Harvest label continue to delighted listeners. Currently, Dez performs as one of Three Voices with poet Trevor Millum and storyteller Graham Langley. He has contributed recently to recordings and performances by Henry Priestman, Martin Peirson, David Swann,

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