Aerial workshop and Performance with Blackbird!

LATE Addition to the program... but what a great addition! Aerial workshop and performance in the Misfit Dome Friday 7 til 9pm workshop.,, performance 9:10pm Friday in the Misfits Dome. Workshop Why noy try your hand at an amazing new skill that will challenge your brain and body? This aerial workshop will give participants the opportunity to learn what it takes to become an aerialist. You will learn beginner aerial positions and movements in this traditional circus art form. Aerial is a great way to develop your physical fitness, core strength and flexibility all whilst having tones of fun!

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2018 program

All 3 days programs..... and a link to the sound cloud.... so you can have a listen while you plan your weekend. click the red links below to see each day or the sound cloud is at the bottom. Friday…/1A9AvBTrSz7Vu7ZG2MA5W2m1ClD…/edit… Sat…/1z0PLrP85H1SqGojqtDG3a3GDa0…/edit… Sun…/1WQF_efGhfgFS_jIm-0bzjArJ_k…/edit… Soundcloud

Trance Dance

Vicky Heskin will be leading a Shamanic Trance Dance workshop as well as an opening and closing ceremony for the festival. She has been to Cabourne Parva and festival 8 before and her Trance Dance workshops have had a profound effect on the people and the energy of the site. This workshop is unlike any other offered over the weekend and has to be experienced to be understood. The workshop will be on Saturday morning and once it starts the space is sealed, so there can be no late entries. WHAT IS A SHAMANIC TRANCE DANCE Trance Dance is

Creative Writing Workshop with award winning writer, actor and broadcaster Ted Stanley

As part of our series of engaging talks at Festival 8 we are pleased to able to delve into the literary field with award winning writer, actor and broadcaster Ted Stanley.  His workshop will be in the talks tent, next to the well house, on Sunday afternoon. Everyone has a story to tell and this introductory workshop will help you get those ideas out of your head and onto the page and develop them into publishable work. THE HEALTH BENEFITS. GENERATING IDEAS THE STRUCTURE OF STORIES ENGAGING THE READER SHOWING not TELLING POINT OF VIEW GENRE TENSE AVOIDING PITFALLS

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Rainbow Tree Workshops

This year we have added extra children's workshops as we had so many families attending last year.  This is a new one with a lovely eco twist! Come and join Rainbow Tree Workshops where self-expression is discovered through the arts and friendships blossom whilst being creative with others.   Conversations and chatting is natural as everyone has something already in common... Creativity. But most of all the main element of the workshops is for the air to be filled with; laughter, smiles, happiness and also FUN!!!! Eco Bag Workshop  A great introduction to up-cycling, come and create a fun funky festival bag by upcycling unwanted t-shirts and garments into re-useable bags and back packs. This workshop is a no-waste activity and ensures that all off-cuts and scraps are reused in Hoop Weaving Workshop. Nothing ends up in landfill!! This workshop uses simple cutting and knotting technique, suitable for 5+ but under 8’s must have parental guidance. Eco Capes Workshop Come and create up-cycled capes out of unwanted

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Heaven on Earth, Bayari: Soul to Soul Workshops

Meeting Soul-to-Soul Festivals create a beautiful opportunity to connect with people and make new friends.This session offers a chance to meet beyond the verbal pleasantries and discover fresh ways of seeing and being with one another. There will be moments of movement, togetherness and stillness. I will guide us through different types of conscious touch, including air, fire and earth. No need to bring a partner  - simply yourself and an open mind. Meeting Soul-to-Soul, part II We build on what we've created in part 1, working with the elements of conscious touch and moving into ways to deepen

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Food for Mood and Foraging Workshop

Nutrition plays a huge role in ones emotional and cognitive state and has great impact on our overall sense of wellbeing, we are passionate about a truly holistic approach to health and wellbeing and so were thrilled when Owen approached us to offer his expertise - offering a talk on food for mood and a full foraging workshop you will find out more on the talks boards in the wellbeing area. Owen Raybould is a Worcestershire-based dietary health coach, foraging instructor and published writer on the subject of food and mood. He has worked with MIND and also Worcester University and

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Hare Krishna Bhajan / Kirtan

We are so honoured the North East Lincolnshire Hare Krishna Society are offering a Bhajan / Kirtan this year, having done this at another Cabourne Parva event and raised lots of energy and participation we're really looking forward to this and seeing the ripple effect through the festival. Kirtan is a very different kind of music.  Based on ancient chants, it has the ability to quiet the mind if listened to with intention.  Everyone experiences kirtan differently, and it is an uplifting experience, as it belongs to the category of mantra chanting. You can think of it as a

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