Festival 8 is a celebration. It is a celebration of life and the senses. We ask you to leave your troubles behind and come to the fields to join in with the spirit of joyfulness and fun.

With our hectic lifestyles and news often filled with dark stories, it is important to make time to remember much in life is beautiful. In the lottery of life, we have already won a prize because of where we live and the relative ease and freedom that we so often take for granted.

As you look and move around the field and tents remember to bring a sparkle to your eyes and skip in your step. Here is the chance to show your appreciation for all that is around you. Smile at your fellow festival goers for you all share something special; a time and a place and an event with limited space. (we will never grow larger than 1500 tickets).

As the sun comes up take the time to breathe in the light and the fresh country air, here the life force is strong, here we can celebrate nature. Feel the wind on your skin and hear the leaves rustle, this is the breath of the sky. Let your day be filled with wonder as you hear new bands, taste new flavours and try out new games, do things you’ve never done.

As the light of the day fades and the Lincolnshire sky’s fills with the crimson orange of the setting sun, rejoice at your experiences and prepare for the night time fun.

We hope you feel inspired to join in with the spirit of celebration; dance, sing, wear bright and fancy clothes. There are so many ways to join with and share these special times.

Festival 8

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