Cre8 Change

This creative space can be found on the edge of the wellbeing area and is for adults and children.
What are the changes you want to see in the world? Be the change – create the change!
The Create -> Change space is a place for discussion and creativity. Festival goers of all ages are encouraged to come to the space throughout the festival to create positive intentions and think about the planet and goals they can set to help create a positive impact! The space will become a growing art gallery forming a decorative collective of ideas moving forward, using the UN sustainable development goals as a starting point to inspire ideas. There will be a timetable of directed discussions to come to connect and inspire each other to set goals and intentions together. The Create -> Change team is formed of a mix of artists and activists with fire in their bellies and a love for healing the world and communities through the arts and through sharing.
Some ideas for workshops from the team we have so far:
Healing in the arts
Ignite the fire of ideas inside you.
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