Cyril the Squirrel

Cyril Logo HIGH RES 300DPIFestival 8 is delighted to announce as part of our family entertainment a wonderful piece of theatre and interactive drama; Cyril the Squirrel.  There will be 2 shows on the Saturday, if you have children then make sure you see this show.

Cyril the Squirrel loves magic! He can make acorns disappear but can’t remember where he buried the nuts for winter. Has Rosie Red got a plan? Is she even allowed to play with a Cyril?

A magical journey through storytelling, puppetry and clown for children aged 3+ and families.


Look around you… Does anyone have the same nose, eyes or chin as you? Everyone sounds different too… is that your giggle? You may all be people,which makes you the same, but there are many things that make you different too.

CYRIL THE SQUIRREL is an exciting, silly and heart-warming piece of newchildren’s theatre about diversity, friendship and life in Woody Woodland.

Following their adventures, can Cyril the Squirrel and Rosie Red be friends forsquever? A magical journey through storytelling, puppetry and clown, this new theatre

extravaganza is suitable for children aged 3+ and their forest families.


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