Daniela – intuitive Venezuelan healer joins the Festival 8 tribe

Daniela close upDaniela is an intuitive Venezuelan healer was gifted with a strong connection to Mother Earth and all living beings. She became connected to her Shamanic path from a very young age, harnessing the spiritual wisdom from her Native South America. For the past four years, she has studied the teachings of Almine, International Mystic and Seer ,becoming initiated in Belvaspata, a profound angelic healing modality developed by Almine. Daniela trained with Master Sounds Healers in London and has had the honour to guide ceremonies in London and Glastonbury.

Travels and experiences with indigenous people

She deeply interested about the study of culture by experiencing their way of living. She has travelled across Central and South America (Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela) learning ancient energy healing modalities from Indigenous people. In 2014, she was blessed to have received the ‘Peace Pipe’ Initiation by Mexican Grandmother in Tulum – Mexico. Trained in Temazcal healing (Mexican Sweat lodges) in the Mexican Jungle Palenque.

Bringing a wealth of experience to the festival

In March 2016, She spend 15 days in the jungle living with various indigenous communities such as the Piaroa and Yukpa, taking part in their ceremonies and rituals. She received sacred initiation from the Piaroa Tribe. Her work combines a number of disciplines, including Shamanism, Temazcal (Mexican sweat lodge), Mysticism , private shamanic sessions, Plant medicine wisdom, Healthy living (Raw, Vegan, Super Foods) Fasting, Holistic retreat and Events management, Art therapy, Guide for Indigenous exploration.

Shamanic Journey healing sessions

Daniela with drumThroughout ancient times many cultures have used the power of sound and music to heal the body and uplift the spirit. At the very core of our existence we are vibrating.

Shamanic Sound healing is a sound voyage, a deep journey within. Using drum, rattles, singing bowls, healing instruments and her voice, offers a vibrational transmission that helps us to reconnect with our Heart Center and melt away perceived limits and obstacles.

These sessions are a great way to help heal past trauma, stuck energy, and self-sabotaging patterns that appear in your life. It is a wonderful way to regain your power, gifts and talents.

Daniela-Flyer- shamanic healing

About the Author:

One of the many volunteers behind this wonderful festival.
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