Dez and Cathy Allenby

2016-02-22 22.17.45Cathy and Dez Allenby play songs by Forest

Dez has made music for more than fifty years, as a performer in his own right and frequently working with other musicians. His music is original but springs from traditional roots. Dez was an original member of the legendary English underground, psychedelic, acid folk trio, Forest, in the ’60s and ’70s whose records on the Harvest label continue to delighted listeners. Currently, Dez performs as one of Three Voices with poet Trevor Millum and storyteller Graham Langley. He has contributed recently to recordings and performances by Henry Priestman, Martin Peirson, David Swann, No Parking For Caravans and Story. At his own gigs, Cathy often accompanies Dez with her harmonies and percussion.

In their Festival8 set, Cathy and Dez will revisit some Forest songs played this time on bouzouki, English concertina, harmonica, percussion, whistles, and Indian shruti box. It is rare, these days, for so many Forest songs to be played at one time.

There are a lot of nice things, that is, music, photos, videos and such on Dez’s website that should whet the appetite of the curious.



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