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You may have realised by now that Festival 8 is an interactive festival.  We hope you will join in the fun.  Part of joining in is dressing up.  Dressing up helps to get in the party mood, it reminds you and everyone else that you are in a place out of the ordinary.  We hope you will at least wear bright colours and perhaps a silly hat, but for many people, they will want to really get in the spirit and find a full costume.

We are delighted to announce in partnership with Twinkles Fancy Dress of Cleethorpes.  www.twinklesfancydress.com/ you can get costumes for a whopping 50% off if you mention Festival 8.  You will still need to pay the full deposit fee.  (Discount not available for Mascots) Tel.  01472 200127

Twinkles is the region’s largest fancy dress shop and just visiting the shop is an experience in itself.  Go with friends you will have a right laugh trying stuff on and Kath and the staff are so friendly and helpful.

So the Saturday is our costume night, where we encouraging people to dress up in air themed costumes or wear blue and white.

Costumes really add to the look and feel of the festival and offer opportunities for some brilliant photos.  We look forward to seeing you in the fields dressed in your finest.


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