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We had the pleasure of meeting Ian Bertram from Drugs in Lincs recently at an exhibition, he shared his personal experience of drug misuse within his family and we were completely blown away by the strength of this incredible person and the determination and positive effort he continues to go to in order that other people have an organisation to reach out to within the area. To help raise awareness and education Ian will be delivering a talk on Friday evening of the festival, and we will be supporting him by having a fund raising collection at the information point.

Drugs in Lincs is an ogranisation based in Lincolnshire that offers free support to families who are affected by a loved ones addiction to Drugs or Alcohol.

ianThe organisation offers:

  • Free telephone helpline
  • Discussion groups
  • One-to-One support
  • Talks to community groups
  • Former addicts share their stories
  • Bereavement and family support

“One of the most difficult things to do when you are affected by a loved one’s addiction to drugs or alcohol, is to openly admit and share the problem. Denial, shame and embarrassment can often play a huge part in someone, not seeking help and support. My organisation offers you the opportunity to break down those barriers and welcomes people of all ages, to come forward and share their fears and concerns in a safe and friendly environment”



Available  24 Hours   –   Call us 07757946662

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