Festival 8 Top 10 Tips

Festival 8 might be unlike any festival you have been to before. The encouragement to join in with the interactive nature of the festival means that you will get more out of the festival with a little bit of preparation and being warned to bring some specific things with you.  Of course you can choose not to do this but we don’t want you to miss out on some of the available fun.
  • 1     Bring a sense of fun with you and prepare to leave your troubles on the road on your way in.  If you really want to, you can pick them up again on the way out or we can use them to fertilise the fields.
  • 2     Wear festival clothes; perhaps a silly hat, or RED and/or YELLOW clothes (to go with the colour theme), perhaps an FIRE themed costume and if you can bring a red or yellow umbrella.  All these items will mean you can be more prepared for The Gr8 Parade on Saturday night.   Costumes really help with top tip number 1
  • 3     Take Friday afternoon and/or Monday off work. The festival starts at 12 noon on the Friday and doesn’t finish till late Sunday Night.  There will be activities all through this time and you may as well take advantage of this unique weekend. (this year for the first time you can arrive on Thursday if you buy a special Thursday entry ticket.)
  • 4     Really show your appreciation for the many artists and performers that are contributing to the festival.  A great number are doing so for free or for very little money.  You also have to remember the hundreds of hours of practice they have spent before performing for you, so please do clap and cheer really loudly, perhaps buy them a drink or treat them, there are many a ‘starving artist’ out there.
  • 5     Practice random acts of kindness and look out for one another.  The world can be a harsh and unforgiving place.  We want Festival 8 to be a space where you and your children can feel safe where the ‘vibe’ is community and kindness.
  • 6     Bring white clothes (that you don’t mind getting dyed) for the Holi colour paint ‘fight’ that is on Sunday. You might want to bring a swimming costume and towels incase we run any water based games and there is a spa and wood fired jacuzzi.
  • 7     Head to the Information point if you need to know anything about the festival.  This is where you will find the most up to date time tables.
  • 8     Don’t bring glass bottles onto site. (decant into plastic) Please remember the site is primarily a working farm and animals graze in fields after we have all gone home.  Plus no glass on site is a requirement of the license and is beyond our control.
  • 9      Part of top tip number 5 is help us with security…. and by this we just mean if you spot someone without a wrist band then tell security/stewards immediately. (We will deal with them.) As we are a small festival then we should have details of everyone on site, this is part of making the environment safe for everyone.  (Besides that, why should someone get in to enjoy the festival without contributing….. we are a not for profit event and it is a bit insulting.)
  • 10      Come with an open mind and heart and be ready to join in with games, workshops, dancing, music and the many delights of Festival 8.  Like most thing in life, you will get out of it what you put in.
We are so looking forward to sharing with you over a years worth of planning and careful preparation of a packed program of activities at a beautiful location.

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