Festival Virgins

So if you’ve never been to a festival before  and a bit of a festival virgin then Festival 8 will be a great way to start.  As a smaller event it will feel friendly and not intimidating, but with enough going on to entertain you and keep you occupied.

As a family friendly festival it will have activities for all ages with specific workshops for younger children, teens and not forgetting big kids too.

If you are really not sure then there will be day tickets for you to ‘dip your toe’ in the pool of fun.  If you are feeling a bit braver then we really recommend you commit to the weekend as there are number of options available.

One of the biggest fears people have is the stereo typical idea of loads of mud and terrible toilets.  Well you can be rest assured, we have proper flushing toilets (and showers) and also the walkways are covered with wood chip, so if it does rain things wont get too bad.  Plenty of the activities are going to be under cover, either in the various tents and marquees or even indoors in the heated barn.


Inside the Party Barn

The onsite Bistro and various food stalls will mean that you don’t have to bother with camping food if you don’t want too.

There is even the option to do ‘boutique camping‘ which means there will be a beautiful bell tent all set up ready waiting for you.  Just bring bedding and suitable clothing for the festival.  ( There is even an option to have bedding provided.

The site itself is a lovely location and is not too far to the nearest towns, so if you forget to bring something, all is not lost.

We feel sure that Festival 8 will be a wonderful gentle introduction to the fantastic colourful world of festival going.

If you have any questions please just send us a message via the web site or via our twitter of facebook accounts.

See you in the Summer!

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