Full on Floyd

Hello and welcome. We are Full on Floyd, a seven piece Pink Floyd tribute band. The band was formed around six years ago by guitarists Andy and Dave who grew up together and have been playing together for over twenty years in bands such as Steel Breeze and their most recent project Agent Einstein.

One of the main and immediate challenges Andy and Dave faced when they decided to take on this (what has turned out to be) a mammoth project, was finding the right personnel, who, first and foremost, had the desire and love of Pink Floyd music, second, had the musical ability to convincingly replicate the sound and nuances of Floyd and thirdly, had the time and commitment that would be required to make the project a success. After much hard work we believe that we are now where we want to be in terms of musicianship and camaraderie. As fans, all of us are focused and determined to give our all in re-producing the epic sound of Pink Floyd.

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