Horncastle Ukulele Group

Horncastle Ukulele Group, HUG, started in 2013 when Andy Mathieson bought a £20 ukulele and put an ad in the local shop asking for people to come and play. It is now a gathering of around fifteen people who meet up two or three times a month to play ukuleles and sing. HUG is mixed in all aspects, (age, gender and musical ability) but we share the enjoyment of playing and singing, and we like our audiences to sing along too.
We have an eclectically varied playlist of songs mainly from the twentieth century, but will consider any song as long as it can be adapted for ukulele, is good to sing, and we feel an audience will know and like it too.
As a community group, we support local charities. We like to play at Village Hall events and Country Fairs and have even trodden the Boards of the Embassy Centre in Skegness when we volunteered to help at a Charity Musical Extravaganza for the Linkage Trust.
Most of all, we are enthusiastic and like to make people laugh, sing and have fun.

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