Humming in Harmony – presented by Sergio Lopez Figueroa

About sound maverick, Sergio Lopez Figueroa (Gran Canaria)

sergioSergio is a Spanish maverick composer, videographer, pianist and social entrepreneur living in London. Founder of Big Bang Lab, a social enterprise dedicated to empower young people and older people to connect and share their stories and life experiences using digital video and film archives. He is passionate about breaking the age and knowledge divide to come up with participatory solutions for a better future, and about sound and connecting people together to explore creativity and peace to the world.

Humming in Harmony

Accessible for anyone regardless of the musical, cultural background Humming in Harmony promotes harmonic listening and active cognitive activity for all. Every  training sessions finishes with an improvisation starting and ending with silence. It encourages creativity, conscious breathing and bring focus and silence to our busy lives, bringing connection between the brain and the heart.

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