Originally formed in 1995 after a chance meeting in a Grimsby pub. They gained much acclaim supporting many touring acts of the time, eventually
going there separate ways before the turn of the century. Roll on the time machine twenty years and a chance emergence of an old track on iPod shuffle, it became apparent that the songs of yesteryear where as relevant today as they where back then. Reformed and renewed, they are back to play their genre crossing tunes, from dark rock songs to soaring pop anthems, jingly jangly guitar skits to meaningful power ballads. At the heart of this eclectic mix though are well crafted songs with intelligent lyrics and foot tapping melodies played with infectious enthusiasm. The contrasting yet complimentary vocals of Criss  (Bass) and Chris  (guitar) are backed by the driving rhythms of Gray  (drums) and the melodies of Adi (Hammond Organ/Electric Piano).
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