Magic Stones

Here at Festival8, we like to expand our senses. So this year we are offering an unique opportunity to use sight. Starting on Friday painted stones will be hidden around the site. If you look you will see. They may be in the toilet block, on the stage, in the woods, in the restaurant area, in the playhouses, balancing on a post. However, they will not be in any restricted area, or under something, or in a dangerous to get to position.

On Saturday we are throwing this open just to the young ones. That’s right a giant hide and seek for painted stones for the children. Everyone will meet up at the tiggy post on the main site, and then at a signal, seek for one stone each and return, so a picture can be taken of all the lucky seekers! With this in mind can we ask that any stones found on Saturday morning be left in situ, so the children will have something to find. And don’t worry more will be going on Saturday afternoon and evening.

Due to the limited number, can everyone just take one stone, if you find another and prefer that design, please feel free to swap it and leave your original stone in it’s place. Take a photo and post it to the facebook page so we can marvel at your unique Festival8 memento.

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