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Lazing on the grass in a glade of trees with your family and friends.  Around you the festival unfolds, workshops and music, stalls to browse and many faces to share a smile with.  The main field is a favourite place to spend a bit of time.

On sunny days the Misfits will run activities and workshops on the grass.

  • Here is where the Gr8 Parade begins.
  • Here is where you come to join in with the game of tig.
  • Here is where you find many of the stalls.
  • Here is a place to enjoy the sun and trees. Here is a place to dance and be free.
  • From here you find the Cider and Pimms Bar that also sells ice creams.
  • Here is where you can join in with the paint fight on Sunday afternoon.

See you in the field  in the Summer.