Mud Glorious Mud

Festival 8 will have its very own mudbath for you to enjoy.  This won’t be any ordinary mud but a particularly rare type of blue clay that has reported health benefits.  This blue clay mostly exists in deep clay deposits or far off lands.  It was made on the beds of ancient seas.  The clay we are using is from a small secret deposit in Lincolnshire wolds.

We provide it for your use (at your own risk) for 2 reasons.

1 As a therapeutic facility to help your skin.

2 As a location for a couple of bouts of mud wrestling!

You will be pleased to know that there are showers on site.

Both these activities will be available at certain times.

The therapeutic mud will be available in the Health and Wellbeing area.  The Mud Wrestling will be in the games arena.

There will be a number of rounds of games. You will be able to sign up for the bouts at the Information Point.  We will be running a Male, Female and mixed bouts.

The game is simple;  each participant will have a strip of cloth tied around one ankle.  The game will be the first to get the cloth off the other person while wallowing around in a pool of slippy slidy dirty mud. Best of 3.

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