2018 tickets on sale NOW

Ticket Sales are on Now.  If you came last year and bought through Brown Paper Tickets you will have been sent a secret code.  Use this code to access lower priced tickets, there are only a limited number of these and you need a code to access them.  Click where it says.   Enter a Password or Discount Code Otherwise you can buy the slight more money Early Birds.

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The Beatroot Collective

The Beatroot Collective are a group of like minded DJs Selectors and Promoters who are passionate about sharing their love of music and have been putting on events with a festival vibe in and around Cleethorpes for the last 7 years. So it's an honour to be invited to play at the areas best-loved festival. Our resident Dj's BrettjayB and Cadey have been digging deep into their collections to take you on a musical safari through some of the newest and oldest sounds of the last 60 years playing an eclectic mix of ska reggae dub mash-up jazz funk

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Heaven on Earth, Bayari: Soul to Soul Workshops

Meeting Soul-to-Soul Festivals create a beautiful opportunity to connect with people and make new friends.This session offers a chance to meet beyond the verbal pleasantries and discover fresh ways of seeing and being with one another. There will be moments of movement, togetherness and stillness. I will guide us through different types of conscious touch, including air, fire and earth. No need to bring a partner  - simply yourself and an open mind. Meeting Soul-to-Soul, part II We build on what we've created in part 1, working with the elements of conscious touch and moving into ways to deepen

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Triskele Healing

Offering therapy sessions in Swedish/Deep Tissue massage; Indian Head Massage; Reflexology and Facial Rejuvenatio. Maggie is also providing and introductory workshop in Indian Head Massage which  was very popular last year: An Introduction to Indian Head Massage. Come and learn the ancient healing art of Indian Champissage. On this workshop you will learn some basic massage techniques, working on the shoulders, neck and scalp, areas where we hold a lot of tension. You will have the opportunity to give and receive this wonderful, relaxing treatment.

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Ear Candles

Ear candling is a complementary therapy that gently stimulates the ear and sinus areas to relieve pressure and discomfort and assists with relaxation and well being. We believe that the healing properties of the ear candle has its foundation in two actions: the slight under–pressure (the chimney effect) inside the ear candle, and the vibration of the rising air column. These two actions serve to gently massage the ear drum and promote secretion in the frontal and paranasal sinuses; with the well reported effect of regulating and balancing ear pressure. Users often describe a soothing, light sensation in the ear

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Celtic Spiritual Healing

Earthall® Healing and Meditation  are gentle, safe, powerful therapies that works positively for you. Earthall® Energy Healing channels natural loving energy through the Healer into the recipient. It can help to revitalize the soul and balance the mind, emotions and body. It can create harmony, improve your well-being and bring balance into your life. Earthall® Meditation, is a way to access your own unique internal Healing power.

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Holistic Haven

My name is Hayley and i have created Holistic haven to provide a place where alternative therapies become personal tools to help people thrive in today’s modern world. I have been reading tarot cards for over 25 years and together we bringing clarity and direction to those who are looking for answers. As a reiki practitioner i combine shamanic energy to each treatment to help relieve pain, unblock chakra’s, help heal stress and much more. I also provide shamanic drumming guided meditation, taking people on an inner journey where answers are hidden and power is to be discovered!

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Food for Mood and Foraging Workshop

Nutrition plays a huge role in ones emotional and cognitive state and has great impact on our overall sense of wellbeing, we are passionate about a truly holistic approach to health and wellbeing and so were thrilled when Owen approached us to offer his expertise - offering a talk on food for mood and a full foraging workshop you will find out more on the talks boards in the wellbeing area. Owen Raybould is a Worcestershire-based dietary health coach, foraging instructor and published writer on the subject of food and mood. He has worked with MIND and also Worcester University and

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