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This creative space can be found on the edge of the wellbeing area and is for adults and children. What are the changes you want to see in the world? Be the change - create the change! The Create -> Change space is a place for discussion and creativity. Festival goers of all ages are encouraged to come to the space throughout the festival to create positive intentions and think about the planet and goals they can set to help create a positive impact! The space will become a growing art gallery forming a decorative collective of ideas moving

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Creative Writing Workshop with award winning writer, actor and broadcaster Ted Stanley

As part of our series of engaging talks at Festival 8 we are pleased to able to delve into the literary field with award winning writer, actor and broadcaster Ted Stanley.  His workshop will be in the talks tent, next to the well house, on Sunday afternoon. Everyone has a story to tell and this introductory workshop will help you get those ideas out of your head and onto the page and develop them into publishable work. THE HEALTH BENEFITS. GENERATING IDEAS THE STRUCTURE OF STORIES ENGAGING THE READER SHOWING not TELLING POINT OF VIEW GENRE TENSE AVOIDING PITFALLS

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Tiger Warsaw

Playing festival 8 for the first time on our new Sounds Aloud Stage. For more than a decade, Lincoln’s Tiger Warsaw have been ploughing a charged, yet introspective furrow. Post-rock influences fight with heavier riffs to produce what can be an exhilarating live performance. Lyrics deal with anything from film stars to deeply entrenched in-jokes, creating an atmosphere bristling with tongue in cheek menace.

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Bartek Dabrowski

A late addition but a very worthy one..... Bartek  Dabrowski  is  a  classical  guitarist  from  Gliwice,  Poland  whose  finger-picking  playing  style  and  emotive  soundtracks  create  powerful  and  immersive  musical  experiences.Bartek’s  musical  journey  began  as  a  young  child  in  kindergarten,  later  followed  by  several  years  of  practice  at  music  school.  However,  he  soon  encountered  a  period  of  creative  block,  hardship  and  life  circumstances  which  prevented  him  from  playing  the  guitar.  This  barren  period  went  on  to  last  7  years!  It  was  only  after  his  arrival  in  the  UK  (in  2013)  that  Bartek  was  able  to  pick  up  the  guitar  once  more. 

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The Lamberts

Opening the Party barn on Friday we have a local band showing some promise and their new energy seemed an appropriate way to kick off the live music. The Lamberts are a 5 piece alternative rock band that hail from the foreshore of Cleethorpes. They are a fresh alternative to anything that is on the scene right now, with their heavy back line, beautiful guitar riffs and a crisp sounding front man that has the best stage presence in the area by far. They really are a nice break from the norm. Their first single 'Tension' is a great

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Chris Cross Magician

Everyone loves a bit of Magic.  We are delighted to announce that on Sunday we have Chris Cross joining us.  He is a fantastic performer and has had many TV performances.  His comedy patter and tricks has enthralled audiences up and down the country. Chris will be one of several walkabout acts that we have at Festival 8.  These unique performances dont get seen by everyone, but end up being fantastic punctuation marks in the unfolding story of fun that is Festival 8. Chris is based in Newcastle and he is known to be one of the Top Close-up

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Silly Sloths Soft Play

We get some helpful feedback each year; last year we were asked for more for the toddlers of our fab family festival.  This year we are delighted to be able to offer that service with some very kind help from Silly Sloths.  Silly Sloths Mobile Soft Play will be joining us for the festival bringing their awesome Soft Play equipment for babies and toddlers to enjoy.  You can find them in the marquee next to the children's area where they will be running timed play sessions throughout the weekend. A Parent or guardian must stay with and be

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Coloured Sound

This year we have tried to mellow things out for the Sunday (with one or two exceptions). This performer is definitely in the mellow end of the musical spectrum.  Find him in the barn on Sunday afternoon. Joe is the creator of coloured sound, combining his love of music and art to create a platform for himself and others to showcase their creative talents. After discovering the hand pan Joe now travels around the world playing music for yoga and meditation practices, teaching others how to be creators and spreading positive vibrations.

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