Sunday Assembly

Life, its incredible when you stop to think of it.  Your chance of being here is infinitesimally small, yet here you are in all your unique glory.  There isn't another you and the likelihood of their being another is even smaller than the chance of you being here at all. In the busyness of our lives it's easy to get caught up in the daily grind or to forget to feel a bit of gratitude for the ordinary. The Sunday Service is a new thing for Festival 8 and like new things its finding it's feet.  We hope you

Art Installations 2017

Deep in the heart of Texas - which looks and smells like North Shields when the wind blows from a certain direction - Rob Walton and Russ Coleman are busy.  They are busy making words for the wonderful North Lincolnshire festival-goers.   These words, painted on boards, will be offered to you lovely folk to arrange in the air.  Make beautiful poetry.  Write utter nonsense.  Put the words together and create a haiku, or a sentence or a message to a loved one.  But mostly – have fun. The art installation will be around the Woodland Walk or Woodland stage.

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Serious Mischief Theatre Company

We saw this theatre and circus performance at another event and realised it fitted really well with our theme. A fantastic Family Show, so good we had to run it twice on the Saturday so you get chance to see it. An interactive story experience. This turbulent struggle of Sun ‘vs’ Wind heats up with audience participation in true street style with crowds vowing for their favourite character to out shine the other! There is also a chance for children in the audience to get involved by creating the different weather conditions needed for the show because, as we know, you

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Richard Tucker – Yoga Practitioner

Festival 8 are thrilled to welcome Richard to the Wellbeing Area, Richard will be delivering two yoga workshops over the weekend including a Hatha Flow Yoga Class and Yoga Nidra guided relaxation. Pranayama is Yogic breathing techniques, the breath of air being life. Yoga is the union of movement with breath. We might survive a few weeks without food, days maybe without water, but just moments without air! Each breath is unique. Every out breath an opportunity to release that which no longer serves you. And every intake of air is a chance to breathe in opportunity and new

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The Revolution

The Revolution are a band of compadres brought together through a combined love of music, spirituality, and justice. With members from the far corners of the earth our mission is to unite people through positive vibes, and music that resounds with the soul.

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Eye Pillow Workshop

With a popular take up from last year the creative twosome, Kerry & Louise, are offering Eye Pillow workshops over the weekend - totally free to you the festival goer, they are a lovely festival keepsake and a great way to help littleies and biggies to block out the lights of the festival and morning sun through the tent canvas. A great bed time gimic too if your kids are determined they want to keep going even when they getting over tired!

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Kerry and Louise’s Family Yoga

Kerry and Louise are back by popular demand! These wonderful kids yoga sessions are great for all the family, Kerry and Louise are running a 45 minute workshop each morning in the Earthbound Misfits Dome in the Main Arena before all the fun and frolics of the Festival kids area begins - it's a lovely, healthful and energising way to stretch into the day especially if your kids are early risers.

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Tai Chi Circles with Robert Claxton

We are delighted to welcome back to Festival 8 Bob Claxton, he really is a fabulous teacher and workshop leader, his classes are always popular - this year you will find him in the Talks Tent or on the Pagoda in the Wellbeing Arena. This year's classes: Saturday - Tai Chi-Dragon Daoyin. Four Dragon Daoyin exercises for clearing the meridians and awaking the spine, dispersing negative and stagnant Qi [energy] from the body systems. Sunday - Tai Chi-Ping Heng Gong. Two exercises one standing and one walking exchanging Qi with trees to balance our body, mind and soul. Trees

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