Often called our primary sense, often we look but do not see.  We encourage you to slow down and notice how the changing light of the day subtly effects the way everything looks.  See how the light through the trees casts shadows and the dappled light plays upon the ground.  The team working on festival eight have spent many painstaking hours decorating the site and helping it look just so.  We hope some of you will get involved in adding to the spectacle of what there is to see, by donning costumes and wearing bright clothes or colours to go with this years theme.  This years theme is Fire  Let your imagination run wild in the parade.

We will bring you many things to engage the eyes, from live performance to films, water colour classes to artistic installations.

There will be plenty to see at Festival 8.  Some of the things to see can be found below;

Holi Colour

An interesting film about optical illusions click link below

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