sacred sounds of Iza Moon, spoken word and sacred drum

sacred sounds of Iza Moon, spoken word and sacred drum

Whether you are spiritual or scientific, all creation theories begin with sound, a word or even a big bang.  Usually at the heart of any festival is the beating rhythm of music.  Festival 8 is no exception.  We aim to bring you a wide range of sounds; from engaging spoken word to hypnotic chanting, from rootsy folk to up in air dance, classical to electronic.  We have freed ourselves from wanting to follow any particular genre of music and having multiple stages means there should always be something to delight your ears.

As well as the more formal stage areas we will also have a number of pop-up performances.  Keep an ear out for these random happenings of pop-up poetry, story and song.

Part of our sound offering is the spoken word and our series of talks hosted by the Truth Juice movement will prove to be food for the mind as music is said to be food for the soul.

Sound is vibration and music is that vibration in harmony with our being.

An interesting talk about sound and sentiment. Click link below



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