Spirit of the Drum: drumming workshop with Tina & Patrick Kavanagh

Spirit of the DrumWelcoming back Spirit of the Drum

In many ways, Cabourne Parva was the place where Spirit of the Drum came of age, and it always gives us great pleasure to return here. Spirit of the Drum is very much about building our connection to the earth, and allowing her energies to balance us and ground us while our guides and helpers provide healing energy, and the guidance and wisdom necessary for positive inner journeys.

Drumming for the Earth

We will be drumming for the Earth to resonate with this year’s theme for Festival 8, and we hope you will all come and join us.

Bring a drum or rattle along if you have one.

For a little taster, see https://www.facebook.com/233649433509009/videos/416707121869905/

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