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F8-1109Festival 8 in its first year had lots of people showing their faith in what we are trying to achieve.  We had many skilled people give up their time for free in return for tickets and to be part of and help set up a new CO-CREATION event.  The festival is a not for profit event and no one gets paid for organising the festival.

One of the contributors was a time served experienced professional photographer who is known as STONE. We were honoured to have him along as he’s been a photographer for Glastonbury festival for several years and has been documenting it since 1990.

Some of his work for festival 8 is here.

His website says;Text Box: STONEFREE is the brainchild of British photographer/artist/designer Royston E. Naylor (better known as Stone). Born on 9th December 1960, in Cleethorpes, N.E. Lincolnshire, he lived in the neighbouring town of Grimsby until 2002 when he moved to Devon for the birth of his son, Finlay. Stone is now based in Crediton, about eight miles from Exeter, and works throughout the UK and Europe, although his travel photography often takes him to more remote locations. As a self-taught photographer, Stone�s versatility, style and vision have earned him several prestigious awards, including: 2003 Commonwealth Photographic Award for his ongoing photo-documentary of Glastonbury Festival since 1990 (and about which his first book was published in 2002) and a 2004 Fujifilm Professional Distinctions Award for his evocative and atmospheric portraiture of classical guitarist David Cottam. Stone undertakes a widely varied range of commissions and projects, approaching them all with a unique insight and perspective cultivated by a wealth of diverse experience. His Saggittarian optimism, charm and natural empathy enable him to connect with people of all ages, backgrounds and creeds, whilst his knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm for his art allow him to work spontaneously, intuitively and passionately.

As a seasoned festival goer as well as photographe he has an interesting view of festivals;

Festivals are an important aspect of any culture, especially those where life is harsh, but also where the structure of society restricts people in many aspects of their everyday existence. Festivals are the safety valves that prevent repression from turning into revolution, and that’s why the ‘authorities’ allow the normal rule of law to be relaxed for a while; so that people can all let off steam together in a field, rather than plotting to overthrow governments. Now that may seem like a rather cynical viewpoint of what festivals are about, but history is full of examples of what happens if the right to a bit of harmless, hedonistic anarchy is taken away.

There is another facet of festivals that perhaps gets slightly overlooked these days and that is the spiritual, whether in a dogmatic, religious sense or a deeply personal and mysterious one. Ritual, it would seem, is so important to us that if we don’t do it ‘consciously’ it finds neat little ways of manifesting and expressing itself via the subconscious; perhaps in the way we carefully organise the ornaments on our mantelpiece, or the need to stir our tea seven times clockwise, or even by chanting strange hymns around a geometrically marked grass shrine whilst good battles evil in the shape of rival football teams?
Rituals are our way of connecting, whether to other people or to some yearning deep within us. The final aspect of festivals I want to briefly mention is… shopping. Who can resist rummaging through rails of tie-dyed t-shirts and shelves of shiny trinkets, and who can resist the aroma of Thai Vegetable Noodles, Spicy Falafels, Jamaican Jerk Chicken or 100% beef-and-entrail burgers? Yummy(?)

We have created an album of some of his photos here for you to enjoy.

If you want to get in touch with him as he also does all sorts of commercial work including some great quirky standout from the crowd wedding and other event photography.



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