Dressing Up – Prices Down

You may have realised by now that Festival 8 is an interactive festival.  We hope you will join in the fun.  Part of joining in is dressing up.  Dressing up helps to get in the party mood, it reminds you and everyone else that you are in a place out of the ordinary.  We hope you will at least wear bright colours and perhaps a silly hat, but for many people, they will want to really get in the spirit and find a full costume. We are delighted to announce in partnership with Twinkles Fancy Dress of Cleethorpes.  www.twinklesfancydress.com/ you

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Face Box Boutique

When we saw the pictures of this stall come installation we were enchanted.  We chatted with the owners and found that the magical horse box was allowing someone to live a dream...... we appreciate that as Festival 8 is allowing us to live the dream and we hope it will enable you to live the dream too. We are the Face Box Boutique fairies, and we are here to bring everyone fun, happiness and laughter! Inside the box, we have a vintage photo booth in the front section. Here we provide hundreds of props, amazing backdrops and a fantastic collection of fancy

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Festival 8's organisers know some lovely talented folk that have been very helpful in our first year of setting up this wonderful event.  We saw one of the Geofest creative walkabouts and knew straight away we had to have them involved in the festival.  Geofest will be on hand to work along side the Earthbound Misfits and be providing not only a giant feature for the parade but also some of their signature workshops and activities. GeoFest Collective are a group of Midlands based performers specialising in unique walkabout acts, varied workshops and energetic shows incorporating fire, glow and live music.'

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If you want to get ahead get a hat goes the phrase.... Festival 8 encourages visitors to get into the spirit of the event and dress up. This stall can give you a heads up with a massive array of hats. Mismo Diferencia (Mismo) specializes in various styles of hats (mainly American). We incorporate our background of knowledge and skills (Beauty Therapy / Milner) which has given us the platform to provide free consultation on choice of hats to suit individuals giving them more confidence whilst respecting their personal preferences. Mismo concentrate on:- Facial features / Structure Hairstyle / Colour

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