Introducing a series of yummy workshops with Antony Dennis

New for Festival 8 - an exciting range of Tantric and free dance workshops to bring aliveness and awakening.... Tantra and Intimacy Workshop - Maintaining a Sense of Yourself In intimacy, we all too often lose a sense of ourselves and our needs as we focus too much on the needs and desires of the other person. In this workshop you can learn and practice how to connect intimately in an open and honest way, while maintaining your boundaries and surrendering into the bliss that a true honest intimate connection can bring. You are welcome to attend the workshop as

Festival 8 Top 10 Tips

Festival 8 might be unlike any festival you have been to before. The encouragement to join in with the interactive nature of the festival means that you will get more out of the festival with a little bit of preparation and being warned to bring some specific things with you.  Of course you can choose not to do this but we don't want you to miss out on some of the available fun. 1     Bring a sense of fun with you and prepare to leave your troubles on the road on your way in.  If you really

Getting to Festival 8

Festival 8 is set in the rolling Lincolnshire Hills and is located 3.3 miles from the nearest town of Caistor. THE POST CODE IS LN7 6DR Car Getting to the festival is obviously easiest by car and we encourage people to car share.  You can use services like Bla Bla Car to help you find people to car share with.  You need to head for Riby Road which is the A1173. CAR SHARE;  There is a facebook group where you can ask about car shares.  Click HERE Or you can use the freewheelers website Train Catch the train to Grimsby or

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If you want to get ahead get a hat goes the phrase.... Festival 8 encourages visitors to get into the spirit of the event and dress up. This stall can give you a heads up with a massive array of hats. Mismo Diferencia (Mismo) specializes in various styles of hats (mainly American). We incorporate our background of knowledge and skills (Beauty Therapy / Milner) which has given us the platform to provide free consultation on choice of hats to suit individuals giving them more confidence whilst respecting their personal preferences. Mismo concentrate on:- Facial features / Structure Hairstyle / Colour

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Festival Virgins

So if you've never been to a festival before  and a bit of a festival virgin then Festival 8 will be a great way to start.  As a smaller event it will feel friendly and not intimidating, but with enough going on to entertain you and keep you occupied. As a family friendly festival it will have activities for all ages with specific workshops for younger children, teens and not forgetting big kids too. If you are really not sure then there will be day tickets for you to 'dip your toe' in the pool of fun.  If you are

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