Magic Stones

Here at Festival8, we like to expand our senses. So this year we are offering an unique opportunity to use sight. Starting on Friday painted stones will be hidden around the site. If you look you will see. They may be in the toilet block, on the stage, in the woods, in the restaurant area, in the playhouses, balancing on a post. However, they will not be in any restricted area, or under something, or in a dangerous to get to position. On Saturday we are throwing this open just to the young ones. That's right a giant hide

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Minimatt Busking Stage

Festival 8 is successful because lots of people come together to make it happen.  This year we have a new partnership with a local Production Studio that is going to run a busking stage.  They will pepper the stage with a couple of their house acts, that use their recording facilities in Grimsby and then the stage is open to all comers, simply book in and join in the fun! The Minimatt Busking Stage brings not only acoustic talents of Ramble Gamble, Rainmaker, Sunny & Boo Boo, but comedians & poetry from Dannielle Matthews and Ros Ballinger. We will also

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Working with wood is  a wonderful skill to learn. Having respect and love for trees and realising how important they are to our survival, is something Festival 8's organisers know.  We really wanted to do something at the festival involving wood and we knew the man to ask. Pat from Greenheart has been on the local scene for a few years.  Many have enjoyed his wonderful green wood work workshops and we wanted to bring him and his team back to Festival 8. Tucked away as part of the woodland walk you will find Greenheart with ongoing free workshops for

Face Box Boutique

When we saw the pictures of this stall come installation we were enchanted.  We chatted with the owners and found that the magical horse box was allowing someone to live a dream...... we appreciate that as Festival 8 is allowing us to live the dream and we hope it will enable you to live the dream too. We are the Face Box Boutique fairies, and we are here to bring everyone fun, happiness and laughter! Inside the box, we have a vintage photo booth in the front section. Here we provide hundreds of props, amazing backdrops and a fantastic collection of fancy

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Pirate Sunday

Ahoy me harties get yasens prepared for a great good Sunday event at the Festival 8.  We ask you to join with us in Pirate Sunday.   After the paint fight at noon when the sun is mid way between the yard arm and the sea, then come with costumes, parrots, doubloons and pirate talk.   The Earthbound Misfits will be around with their pirate boat, and be sure to hang on to anything valuable, their pirates have been known to borrow all manner of things; your children, your partner, your food...... only other pirates stand a chance of bein'

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Off The Grid Kids

As part of Festival 8's commitment to making it a family festival we have stuff to do for adults, big kids, children and younger ones.  We are please to bring you a lovely outdoor project. 'Off The Grid Kids' is an outdoor project that aims to connect urban and rural communities with Nature. We provide rural arts and creative workshops in various locations including schools, festivals and our home base in the Woodland Yurt at Brattleby Farm. We provide workshops with a variety of artists in creative mediums such as: Pottery Woodcraft Textiles Feltmaking Painting Illustration   We host a

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The Earthbound Misfits

While planning Festival 8 we decided an essential element, that we have seen work so well at other festivals, was to ensure we had both things for children and big kids to do, plus we wanted to have some interactive walkabout characters.  Luckily for us, we have a very successful local company that offers all those services.   The Earthbound misfits were written into our festival plan and we know that you will love interacting with them and joining in with their fun and games. The Earthbound Misfits are based in Lincolnshire and are a bespoke entertainments company.  The Misfits were established

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Glastonbabies – Making festivals child’s play

Festival 8 is delighted to be able to work with Glastonbabies.  This wonderful service offers younger festival visitors some wonderful creative play that isn’t just a side event but contributes to the festivals completeness.  Parents and children can lose themselves in a wonderful world of fun, creativity and imagination. The Glastonbabies team aim to provide a magical festival experience for families to enjoy together creating a ‘festival within a festival’, consisting of activities that are inspired from our vast experience of festivals, fun and frivolity. Our ultimate aim is to inspire children to become involved in music and culture. Glastonbabies

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