Lorenz Jai Inder – Holistic Guide from Germany joins the Wellbeing team

SONY DSC Lorenz Jai Inder Gramann, born in '69 in Germany, is an experienced holistic guide, currently resident in Findhorn, Scotland. He has been on the path of holistic healing since age 19. On his journey to an inclusive, wholesome approach he was trained in several healing modalities (Harmonyum®, Reiki, Bio-metaphysical Medicine, Biorelease® Massage, Chakra Healing and more). He is fully certified in Biodynamic Psychology and is trained in Kundalini Yoga as well as Naam Yoga. He also offers Sound Healing groups. With over 25 years of ongoing training and experience in his private practice and groups, he is

Treehouse Outdoor Education

Festival 8 prides itself on offering plenty of things for children of all ages to join in with and have fun.  This year we are delighted to welcome Treehouse Outdoor Education who will be running a delightful space for children from toddlers to 12's. Treehouse’s mission is to reconnect children to nature, to play and create from natural resources and environmental education.   We run forest school sessions, nature clubs and teach food growing in schools.   The treehouse kids area at festival 8 will include a story telling tipi, a workshop shelter and a craft tent.  All set close by

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Jess Kennedy – hatha yoga & uplifting holistic treatments

Jess Kennedy is a love and light worker offering a hatha yoga and a gorgeous selection of holistic treatments that will leave you feeling truly uplifted. Hatha yoga morning sessions Get your life force energy flowing with a Hatha yoga class, building strength and flexibility, reducing stress and bringing peace of mind Holistic massage Take some time out for a holistic massage, Indian head massage or reiki healing. Treatments to energise and revive, relieve tension in sore stiff muscles or relax and melt away to that quiet space within.  Visit her Facebook page: Jess Kennedy Holistic Massage

Super sound healing with John Thornberry aka Jet of Eternal Senses

We're thrilled to welcome back John E. Thornberry (aka Jet) to the Wellbeing arena fold About John He is a Sound Practitioner and co-founder of Audio Vibrational Healing, Eternal Senses. John has many strings to his bow as  a Life Song Practitioner, Music Creator, Sound Designer, Video Creator, Professional Medium, Sound Practitioner and Tutor. He  has been involved with alternative therapies, new age, and paranormal subjects since starting to study these disciplines more than 40 years ago. He is a qualified tutor in adult learning, and has a degree in Humanities. He has taught and designed many courses which range from Computers to Mediumship, and Alternative

Goethian Plant Study

We live in a logical society, built on science which largely dismisses things which cannot be explained…. yet.  Let me introduce you to a different way to learn and connect with your environment – where you meditate and connect with a plant to discover its uses and applications. Herbal medicine is used throughout the world, prior to trade routes cultures would use the same herbs for the same applications – how did they discover this knowledge with continents, language and isolation as barriers? Spend time connecting to a plant or tree on this workshop and connect to nature accessing universal

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Forever Living with Leila Hardy

Almost all of the Festival 8 organising team use Forever Living Products, we believe they are the best Aloe products in the market and love a lot of the supplements too, so having an area for Taste Therapies we had to have Leila Hardy here to support the Festival. Leila is a wonderful Forever Living consultant who applies her own knowledge and experience and has gathered extensive case studies, we can highly recommend a consultation and product sample. You can find Leila on the Teepee Lawn within the Wellbeing Arena.    I’m passionate about seeing people feel healthy, well and

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Sacred Water and Spa

Within the Wellbeing Arena we have created a gorgeous, eco friendly mini spa and chill out zone so you can really unwind, release tensions, honour the body and RELAX.  We have installed a sensational log fire fuelled jet jacuzzi, which is incredible any time of day! The water is treated and cleaned using only natural products, packed with beneficial minerals and essential oils your aches and pains will melt away in moments. We have a glorious mud bath and solar shower in a private area all within the heart of the Wellbeing Arena. Being a family friendly festival, we do

Aura Soma and Angelic Reiki with Begin Therapy and Debbie Gardner

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Robert and Debbie from Begin Therapy and Aura Soma to Festival 8; in addition to colour consultations, products and talks Robert and Debbie will be providing Angelic Reiki for you wonderful Festival goers! Aura Soma has been a therapy we have used for many years, and will be paying a personal visit to this pitch. You can find Robert and Debbie in the labyrinth healing garden, look out for the yellow summer house and neighbouring gazeebo! The Aura-Soma Colour-Care-System® is a potent tool for self-discovery and transformation that is both deeply personal and potentially

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