Festival 8's organisers know some lovely talented folk that have been very helpful in our first year of setting up this wonderful event.  We saw one of the Geofest creative walkabouts and knew straight away we had to have them involved in the festival.  Geofest will be on hand to work along side the Earthbound Misfits and be providing not only a giant feature for the parade but also some of their signature workshops and activities. GeoFest Collective are a group of Midlands based performers specialising in unique walkabout acts, varied workshops and energetic shows incorporating fire, glow and live music.'

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Nat and the Noise Brigade

Festival 8 really wanted this band to come and join in with our parade and help it be a real spectacle.  As part of their musical repertoire they are known for walkabout performances, as well as punching out some brassy high impact tunes.  We look forward to working with them and seeing you shake your stuff to their wonderful musical offerings. Hailing from East London, Nat and the Noise Brigade are making shaking dance floors with eclectic, upbeat tunes infested with brass, flutes, and whatever else they can get their hands on. The songs are substantial and irreverent in equal

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