Introducing Anna – magical Creatrix, to our healing tribe

Anna is a magical Creatrix, Connector of people and intuitive facilitator. She has been on a very personal journey of sexual healing and the Path of Love. She is in her final year of Teacher Training with The Fountain of Life, a beautiful and deep work bringing back the knowledge of the Sacred Feminine, Womb and Hara healing & Sacred Union. She has also been studying other type of healing modalities like breath techniques, DNA healing, EFT and Journey work to name a few. She is working with our bodies' inherent wisdom, the elements, guiding people back to their own knowledge

Introducing a series of yummy workshops with Antony Dennis

New for Festival 8 - an exciting range of Tantric and free dance workshops to bring aliveness and awakening.... Tantra and Intimacy Workshop - Maintaining a Sense of Yourself In intimacy, we all too often lose a sense of ourselves and our needs as we focus too much on the needs and desires of the other person. In this workshop you can learn and practice how to connect intimately in an open and honest way, while maintaining your boundaries and surrendering into the bliss that a true honest intimate connection can bring. You are welcome to attend the workshop as

Humming in Harmony – presented by Sergio Lopez Figueroa

About sound maverick, Sergio Lopez Figueroa (Gran Canaria) Sergio is a Spanish maverick composer, videographer, pianist and social entrepreneur living in London. Founder of Big Bang Lab, a social enterprise dedicated to empower young people and older people to connect and share their stories and life experiences using digital video and film archives. He is passionate about breaking the age and knowledge divide to come up with participatory solutions for a better future, and about sound and connecting people together to explore creativity and peace to the world. Humming in Harmony Accessible for anyone regardless of the musical, cultural background Humming

Jess Kennedy – hatha yoga & uplifting holistic treatments

Jess Kennedy is a love and light worker offering a hatha yoga and a gorgeous selection of holistic treatments that will leave you feeling truly uplifted. Hatha yoga morning sessions Get your life force energy flowing with a Hatha yoga class, building strength and flexibility, reducing stress and bringing peace of mind Holistic massage Take some time out for a holistic massage, Indian head massage or reiki healing. Treatments to energise and revive, relieve tension in sore stiff muscles or relax and melt away to that quiet space within.  Visit her Facebook page: Jess Kennedy Holistic Massage

Himalayan singing bowls – for deep relaxation – with Art of Love

            About the sound vibration session We are super happy Carly Oliver of Art of Love will be joining us in the Wellbeing area to offer a sound vibration experience... Relax and unwind with the soothing vibrational sounds of the Himalayan singing bowls. The multiple harmonic frequencies of singing bowls have been used around the world for meditation, music, relaxation, and personal well-being. For more than 3000 years they have been used to achieve a profound healing effect on the body and mind This group experience will start with breath work to get you relaxed and

Maggie’s back with her magic!

This year we're delighted to welcome Maggie Mc Ateer back to Festival 8 with her unique blend of healing sessions, Indian head massage, and natural facials She'll be demonstrating the basics of Indian head massage - how to massage the shoulders, neck and scalp  - come along to give and receive this blissful healing treatment There's also an opportunity to learn how to create your own natural facial treatment - a firm fav last year. If you'd like a private treatment you can enter her beautiful, ambient space where you can chill and enjoy one of her many offerings, such as Swedish/Deep Tissue

Laughter Yoga

We had these workshops last year and the feedback was fantastic.  People wanted more and we wanted to share it with more people too.  This wonderful workshop will leaving you feeling great.  There is no balancing or standing in weird postures for hours.  Laughter Yoga is all about the breathing and the simple exercises to get you moving and laughing.... it doesn't even have to be funny and has to be experienced to be understood.  We highly recommend this as a way to start off your day at Festival 8.  Wes is a great workshop leader and will help you feel

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Bio Resonance – Rachel Bavin

The Festival 8 family are all regular clients of Rachel's, the Bio resonance treatments helps us to rebalance and stay healthy; which means as well as our day jobs we can do crazy things like host and organise fabulous boutique festivals! Dont take our word for it, see testimonials at the bottom of the page; Rachel can be found in the Wellbeing Arena, right next to the Well house art gallery. Have you tried ‘everything’ and not quite reached the key to unlock yourself from your continued circles, repeated health problems, stress and dis-ease with the world? Give Bio-Resonance a

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