Sacred Water and Spa

Within the Wellbeing Arena we have created a gorgeous, eco friendly mini spa and chill out zone so you can really unwind, release tensions, honour the body and RELAX.  We have installed a sensational log fire fuelled jet jacuzzi, which is incredible any time of day! The water is treated and cleaned using only natural products, packed with beneficial minerals and essential oils your aches and pains will melt away in moments. We have a glorious mud bath and solar shower in a private area all within the heart of the Wellbeing Arena. Being a family friendly festival, we do

Aura Soma and Angelic Reiki with Begin Therapy and Debbie Gardner

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Robert and Debbie from Begin Therapy and Aura Soma to Festival 8; in addition to colour consultations, products and talks Robert and Debbie will be providing Angelic Reiki for you wonderful Festival goers! Aura Soma has been a therapy we have used for many years, and will be paying a personal visit to this pitch. You can find Robert and Debbie in the labyrinth healing garden, look out for the yellow summer house and neighbouring gazeebo! The Aura-Soma Colour-Care-System® is a potent tool for self-discovery and transformation that is both deeply personal and potentially

Laughter Yoga

Having experienced the effects of laughter yoga first hand we knew we had to bring this to Festival 8 for you to experience.  There will be daily free sessions; it's a fantastic way to start your day and sets you up for a full on day of smiles and fun. As part of his ongoing UK tour, we are really excited to have Wes Floyd (The Laughter Guy) and his ‘Chuckle Bus’ with us at Festival8 this year.  Wes is an amazing laughter therapist and personal development coach with a unique style that is infused with shamanic energy and has

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Gregg Chapman – Didgeridoo Sound Therapy

Festival 8 is very excited to welcome Gregg Chapman and his holistic sound therapy using didgeridoo, Gregg offers a whole array of holisitc therapies incorporating the didgeridoo and has a wonderful approach to his work, come and stimulate your sense of sound and find Gregg's teepee in the Wellbeing Arena.   The sound therapy and healing work I offer will rebalance your chakras and energy system, I will be offering small group and one to one sound and healing sessions, but sadly can only be there on the Saturday so please don't delay on booking in your place on the

Teresa Sequeira Colloidal Gold, Silver and Dreamlit Bracelets

Festival 8 are pleased to welcome Teresa Sequeira to the Wellbeing Arena providing her amazing colloidal silver and gold Elixir of Life to rebalance the body's physical health and Dreamlit Bracelets which continue to rebalance the energetic body while you sleep - the two approaches go hand in hand to enable your body to rejuvenate and rebalance. Elixir of Life: Colloidal Gold, Silver is distilled water with particles of high quality gold and silver which strengthens the whole system, we call it the Elixir of Life as it has been proven to help with: Blood Circulation Digestive Systems Rejuvenating Sluggish

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Iza Moon

Festival 8 are happy to welcome Iza Moon back to Cabourne Parva, Iza has been integral to the healing space at many events held at Cabourne and for Festival 8 she will be taking her beautiful spoken word and song into the main festival site as well as featuring on the pagoda in the Well Being Arena, we are looking forward to hearing her voice resonating through the trees! Iza is also providing a Sacred Fire Ceremony at the festival which we highly recommend attending, its powerful work. You can pick up your own copy of Iza's album Journey which

Eliza Hodge – Jill Fraser Ear Candles and Lincs Holistic Health Care

We are excited to see the return of Eliza Hodge with Jill Fraser Ear Candles to Cabourne Parva for Festival 8, the ear candling massage and ear candles are great for removing lymph from the head, neck and shoulders as well as clearing the ear canal and we love that once the head becomes clearer the energetic body becomes a clearer channel to connect with the higher vibrations! You can find Eliza in the Well being Arena and appointment bookings will be taken at the Information Point Jill Fraser ear candles are lovingly handmade by Reiki practitioners; additive free, we

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John Thornberry – Holistic Sounds and Eternal Senses

Festival 8 are really looking forward to seeeing John Thornberry and the Holistic Sounds team to Festival 8 - delivering one to one therapeutic sessions in Sound Therapy incorporating Eternal Senses, he will also be offering some wonderful products to help you further your healing journey and discovery of Sound/vibrational therapies at home. We are also thrilled that John will be delivering Voice of the Bowls workshop - come and stimulate your sense of hearing and enjoy the healing vibrations of John's Sound Therapy in the Wellbeing Arena. John is a Sound Practitioner, co-founder of Audio Vibrational Healing, Holistic Sounds.

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